June 29, 2016

Another Sweet Bedtime Story by Amy Parker: Night Night, Farm

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Reading bedtime stories to my son is a great way to wind down the day. Sometimes we read a random book from his collection with no particular theme and sometimes we pick an actual book that is written specifically for bedtime. My son really enjoys the stories that contain animals. What child doesn't love to read about animals, am I right? Author, Amy Parker, is no stranger to writing some pretty awesome children's bedtimes books with sweet animal illustrations. Just back in April, I had the opportunity to share her book duo Night Night, Mommy and Night Night, Daddy, which we still love. Our latest nighttime tale is Amy Parker recent book, Night Night, Farm.

June 27, 2016

Introducing Geography to Children of All Ages with the Collins Primary and Picture Atlases

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It will be a few years before my son first starts school. As it stands now, we are planning on having him homeschooled. I can't help, but get excited at the thought of it all! Being able to have a major role in my own child's education is a huge deal to me. Right now, I enjoy being able to incorporate what I like to call a preschool at home atmosphere. Even though he is still young, he's taken quite a liking to science and geography–in his own age-appropriate way of course. I recently received two books that are going to prove extremely useful throughout our many homeschooling years–the Collins Primary Atlas and Picture Atlas.

June 26, 2016

A Very Special Snowflake by Don Hoffman

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June 20th was officially the first day of summer. Today we are scheduled to be up in the 90's in our neck of the woods. As warm as that is, with the long winter months up here in NY, I like to cherish even the hottest of days. Being outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun (don't forget the sunscreen, though) is always nice, so I'd like to keep cold temperatures and snow as far out of my mind as possible. Of course since we do have an immense love for books in our home, we still welcome in a few winter stories like A Very Special Snowflake, even in the midst of summer.

June 24, 2016

Jesus Calling: My First Bible Storybook by Sarah Young Review + GIVEAWAY

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Sarah Young is a brilliant author–I've actually become quite fond of her many literary works. For those who may not be familiar, she is the author of Jesus Calling, a wonderful devotional for adults that was written as if Jesus is speaking right to the reader. Young also released an additional children's version of Jesus Calling, and even a toddler/preschooler board book called Jesus Calling for Little Ones. All of these books are excellent resources for both young and old. I'm especially happy to announce that the author has recently added a new treasure to her series called Jesus Calling My First Bible Storybook.

June 22, 2016

A Clever Tale of Trust: Knocks in the Night by Tilde Michels

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When it comes to picking out books for my little one, there is so much to choose from. He has all types of books in his collection. I particularly appreciate coming across a book that I may have read when I was a kid, so I can share what I loved about it with my own child. Even just finding one that offers the look and feel of a timeless classic is nice, because it still allows him to get a glimpse of the type of books I read when I was his age. Knocks in the Night is a new one that we've been reading, and I find that it fits appropriately into this category.