March 7, 2012

Salvaging Leftover Wax from Used Candles

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I just love scented candles. I love the way they leave a positive fragrance all throughout the house and I love watching that flickering flame that dances all about when lit. I use several different brands of candles, but of course I do have certain favorites.

No matter the type, there is always that one pet peeve that I still have. I just hate it when the wick burns all the way down without utilizing all of the wax in the jar. I sometimes find that there’s enough leftover wax to make up a whole new small to medium size candle. To me, this seems like such a waste, so I have now figured out a way in which you can utilize that extra candle wax. I have been doing this for a while with great success. This idea doesn’t involve any type of special candle making skills, so anyone could do it and it only takes a few minutes.

So don’t throw away all of that wax, simply because the wick is gone. All you need is an electric candle warmer or tea light burner. These are the candle holders that you would normally utilize with the wax tarts or cubes.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

We first need to loosen up the wax along the sides of the utilized candle jar. You can do this with a wooden or hard plastic spatula/stick. Sometimes I carefully use scissors, but please exercise caution if using this method to avoid cutting yourself.  Basically, you want to take all that wax that is stuck in the jar and loosen it up to where it crumbles into medium size pieces. Whatever way you feel most comfortable in achieving this is good. (Also, don’t worry if you get some pieces that are on the smaller side. You can use those, too.)

Here is an example of what you should end up with:

I did this with my Christmas pine scented candles (above). I just love holiday scents. They are absolutely my favorite. Pumpkin, Cinnamon Spice, Spruce Pine…I love them all! The photo, above, is a mixture of two candles with similar scents. Once you are done breaking the wax up, you can then use a container of your choice to store the pieces in. I usually just use one of the old candle jars with a lid.

Well my friends…that is all it takes! Once you have all of your wax pieces, you are ready to use them. Place a few pieces of the wax into your electric candle warmer or tea light burner, just as you would do with a traditional wax tart.

Here are mine getting ready to go:

And let the candle burning begin:

Ahhhhh, the house smells wonderful!

Utilizing the electric warmer, too!

Now, I am by no means a cheapskate, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with being frugal once in a while. Plus, I am one of those people who absolutely detests waste.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love buying my regular tart wax, especially when the new scents emerge, but think about it this way; one single name brand tart costs roughly about $1.99, retail, plus tax. In the picture above, I have enough wax to supplement three to four of those tarts. It only took a couple of minutes, and not an extra dime out-of-pocket.

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