October 11, 2016

Cozying Up with Fun Autumn Titles from Parragon Books

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As I sit here writing this post, drinking my pumpkin spice coffee, I just can't stop thinking about how much I love the autumn season and all it brings! All sorts of holidays are coming up, which make it even more fun. Now I have to be honest, Halloween is the one holiday that I usually don't get too excited about. I'm just not a fan of all the supernatural and grotesque imagery that comes with it. We aim to always honor God, so we take a neutral approach that focuses more on the autumn season, rather than the spooky side of the holiday. We really don't take part in the whole trick or treating thing, however we do allow our son to dress up in fun, wholesome customs that are not scary. I try not to get into boggled down debates over whether or not we should celebrate, because I believe parents should do as they see fit. I personally feel it will be a great teachable moment for my son when he is old enough to fully understand the "whys. "

Being a fan of this time of year, we still enjoy the latest seasonal themed children's books. As the weather cools down, we are now cozying up to some new reads and fun activities from our friends at Parragon books. 

Join all your Disney Pixar friends on their amazing Halloween adventures. With these spook-tacular activities and over 30 stickers you can have lots of fun with Woody, Boo, Arlo, Riley and her emotions too. Don't forget to use the 4 included colorful crayons for some creepy coloring. This book also comes with a bonus code for a free digital storybook!

We enjoy everything Disney here, so it's really fun to have a new addition to the collection. With the exception of one or two activities, this one didn't really contain any spooky/creepy imaginary.  It actually seems as though the images were pulled right out of movie scenes from The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, and Monsters, Inc. (We do allow Monsters, Inc., because it is a cute movie with an ultimate happy message at the end) and incorporated with a Halloween themed story line. The stickers included do not have a Halloween theme, which I actually liked. Instead they have fun images of the characters from each movie. The activities in this book include everything from basic coloring pages to word searches and match-ups. It's a really fun activity book that also comes with a set of four crayons, and even includes answers in the back, just in case your child gets stumped on an activity

This beautiful picture book tells the story of Twinkle Tooth Fairy, who loves making people happy but who sometimes feels lonely until she meets Abigail, a little girl who just loves fairies. A magical story for any little girl, with a tooth fairy pouch to keep and treasure!

I approach the idea of fairies the same way I do with any classic nursery rhyme, fairytale, and even Dr. Seuss characters–they are make believe and for fun (as long as they are not scary). As far as finding an alternative to the whole "tooth fairy" approach, we do have some time to decide, since our little man will still have his milk teeth for quite a while. The Moonlight Tooth Fairy is a sweet book about a tooth fairy named Twinkle who loves her job, but gets a little lonely from time to time. This book is more so geared for little girls, but all the same it tells a sweet story of new friendships. It also comes with a pretty little lavender "tooth" pouch, which I though was such a neat little touch given the overall theme. This would definitely make a beautiful gift for the holidays.

Join your favorite princesses for some spooky adventures in this Disney Princess Princesses and Pumpkins activity book! Spot the matching pumpkins, help a spider find its web, count the lollipops, and much more! Then use the 4 included colorful crayons to have some Halloween fun! This book also comes with a bonus code for a free digital storybook!

This is a fun activity book for the little princesses out there. Overall it offers very minimal Halloweenesque (spooky) images, although there were still a few included. The one part that I didn't really care for were the stickers, which were definitely Halloween themed. Other than that, it is a really nice princess themed activity book that includes popular female Disney characters including Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Jasmine, Ariel, Aurora, and even Snow White (a favorite when I was a little girl).

If you are totally avoiding Halloween altogether, then no worries–I have two more just for you!

Join Peppa Pig and all her animal friends and family on some fun-filled adventures in Smiles and Giggles. Spot the odd teddy bear out, color in George playing with his toy dinosaur, and lots more. Use the four included chunky crayons and over 30 stickers to have some playtime fun!

Do we have any Peppa Pig fans? Here's a cute activity book that comes with four crayons and over 30 stickers of your favorite characters from this delightful cartoon series. Children can enjoy simple coloring fun or take it up a notch and complete tons of activities with an educational twist, such as counting, tracing, and even matching. Answer keys are also provided in the back of the book to help children out if they get stuck.

Color in the card pieces, press them out and then slot them together to make animals from the Eric Carle stories. Read the fun pages and practice growling like Brown Bear, crawling like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, stomping like an elephant and lots more! The World of Eric Carle Press out and Play comes with 6 crayons and pieces to create 7 animal models!

I saved the best for last, because this is one of my favorite products from this month's collection! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a such a beloved story among younger children, along with the other popular tales from author, Eric Carle. The World of Eric Carle Press Out and Play takes characters from his stories and offers a hands-on activity for little ones. Children can read a short story about the many different animal characters from his books, along with the unique sounds they make. There are paper cuts outs that kids can color (using the 6 crayons that are included) and put together to make models of these animals. I really like this one and will totally be recommending it on my holiday gift guide.

Even though we don't celebrate Halloween in the mainstream sense, we still embrace the Autumn months, enjoying the colorful leaves, picking pumpkins, and drinking apple cider. I especially appreciate that Parragon Books offers products for just about everyone, no matter how you choose to spend your season. Be sure to check them out online and connect with them on social media!

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