November 17, 2016

New Disney and Holiday Titles from Parragon Books

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November is here and we're personally getting ready for all of the festivities during this holiday season. It's also the official release month of Disney's newest film, Moana. Having previously lived on an island, seeing this movie advertised everywhere reminds me of the those beautiful white beaches, the tropical foliage, and that crystal clear ocean water.

The folks over at Parragon Books sure know how to get us all geared up for both Christmas and this new children's flick with some of their most recent titles!

Set sail with Disney's Moana in this Born to Voyage activity book. Find the heart of Te Fiti, count the seashells, spot the matching Maui, and much, much more. This book also comes with press-out pencil toppers, over 40 stickers to use and a bonus code for a free digital Disney storybook.

Born to Voyage includes pages upon pages of fun activities all with full color illustrations. The book also offers a two-page spread of 40 stickers to enjoy, as well as six press-out pencil toppers with the main characters from the movies. These pencil topper are really neat. They pretty much sit on top of your child's pencil as a decoration. Make sure they're equipped with one right before they begin all of the great activities included in this book, such as matching Maui (very tricky with all those tattoos) and finding your way through the reef maze.

Join Moana, Maui, Heihei, and Pua for some oceanic coloring fun with Disney Moana's Spirit of Adventure! Add color to every page and bring their brave adventure to life in this explorer's coloring book. This book also comes with a bonus code for a free digital Disney storybook.

We love to color and this one had plenty of coloring pages to go around. Not only is it a coloring book, but also an activity book that tells an abbreviated version of the movie's storyline. Color in Moana and help her navigate through her sailing adventure or try to decode Gramma Tala's special secret message. There's even an answer key in the back to help little ones out if they get stuck on an activity.

Join explorers Moana and Maui on an exciting adventure across the ocean with Disney Moana Adventurer Activities! Count the colorful fish, design a brand-new boat, lead the turtle to the ocean and lots more! This book comes with over 40 cool activities and 10 temporary tribal tattoos. This book also comes with a bonus code for a free digital Disney storybook.

As if the last two books didn't incorporate enough "Moana" fun into the day, here comes another one chock full of great activities that children will love, all in full-color illustrated pages. There are mazes, word searches, matching games, and so much more. It also includes an answer key, just in case children need a little help. I even spotted a Dots and Boxes activity. I used to play this game with my aunt when I was a little girl and loved it! I look forward to a good Dots and Boxes challenge with my own son, one day.

Join Moana and Maui on an ocean adventure to return to the heart of Te Fiti. Disney Moana's Ocean Explorers Coloring Floor Pad has over 30 giant pages to color and more than 50 colorful stickers to use inside! Plus, you can pull out the perforated pages and use them as posters. This book also comes with a bonus code for a free digital Disney storybook.

This is one of our favorite coloring books in the collection. It's pretty much super-sized with over 30 pages to color, which is especially nice for younger children. There's over 50 stickers to enjoy and a neat little opening that serves as a carrying handle for transporting. The extremely large page size gives it a poster feel. Each page also comes with a perforated line, so children can tear out their work to display on the fridge, the wall, or anywhere else they'd like (parent approval pending, of course).

Meet Moana and her friends, and join them for some amazing ocean adventures in Disney Moana's Choose Your Destiny. Design a new necklace for Moana, help Maui find his magical fishhook, color in Pua and Heihei, plus much, much more! This book also comes with over 80 stickers and a bonus code for a free digital Disney storybook.

When I first saw the title of this book, I actually thought it was going to be one of those storybooks where you choose the actual outcome of the plot (sort of like those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books). While it's not quite that, it does offer a ton of fun activities for children to do as they read along and learn more about the characters in the movie. Children will also enjoy the four extra pages of over 70 stickers that can also be used to complete some of the activities in the book.

Join Moana as she sails off on an unimaginable adventure across Oceania to save her people and find her true self. She is joined by Maui, who is on his own journey of self-discovery. Discover Moana's action-packed voyage in this beautiful tin. Inside you'll find an epic storybook, coloring book and activity book, plus a double-sided poster, over 50 stickers and 4 colorful felt-tip pens. Fun activities, from ocean mazes to starry spot the difference puzzles, and heaps of coloring will create hours of fun! An ocean of adventure awaits! It's a tin full of fun!

I love containers and tins...places to put all your goodies in, what's not to love? This collector's tin includes a beautiful, colorful design on the outside with two of the movie's main characters on the cover. Inside, you'll find tons of activities for kids to enjoy, including a coloring book, two activity books (one in black and white and the other in full color), 50 stickers, a large double-sided poster (with one side to color), and four colored markers. This one was another favorite in the collection, because there is so much included in one little tin. A lot of the activities are very reminiscent to the other books mentioned, above, only downsized to fit inside. You can even take everything on the go, which perfect for when visiting family during the holiday season.

Note: All of these Moana titles also come with details on how you can download a free Disney Digital Storybook.

Everyone knows how much we love Christmas books, and no seasonal book collection would be complete without a few classic holiday titles:

The closest of friendships broken by a cold-hearted Snow Queen. A cruel spell and an impossible task. A dangerous journey with a magical reunion. This book is a sparkling retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale filled with bravery and love, and is illustrated by Charlotte Cooke.

Being a fan of Hans Christian Andersen while growing up, I have to admit that The Snow Queen was one that I never did get the chance to read. It was nice to be introduced to the story at the same time as my son. The physical design of the book is stunning, beginning right with the hardcover dust jacket, which displays beautiful white glitter embellishments to represent snow. The story has the true markings of a fairy tale, complete with good verses evil, magical journeys, and loyal friendships. This book is more of a winter season story, rather than an actual Christmas one, but I still recommend adding it to your reading list this holiday season!

On Christmas Eve, Clara receives a very special gift - a wooden nutcracker. Join Clara as she steps into a magical world of toy soldiers and beautiful fairies in this lavishly illustrated Christmas tale. This book is based off the story by E. T. A. Hoffman and is beautifully illustrated by Valeria Docampo.

I was so happy to see The Nutcracker included in this month's Parragon releases! This has always been one of my favorite Christmas stories since I was a little girl. It's a wonder why I didn't add this to our collection sooner. The dancing, the music, there is so much to enjoy when taking in the story, so I was happy to welcome it to my son's library of holiday books. This version is illustrated by Valeria Docampo and is absolutely stunning with gorgeous holiday colors throughout. Children will read about those infamous moments in the story–the Sugar Plum Fairy, a Battle with the Mouse King, and of course that beloved toy soldier that Clara receives from her Godfather.

Whether you're getting ready for the theater release of Disney's Moana, celebrating the festivities of Christmas, or both, Parragon Books has you covered with their latest children's releases for both the movie and holiday season! Be sure to connect with them on social media for more upcoming release updates!

Update May 2017: 
While this post is a honest review to promote the new set of activity books from the movie, Moana, it didn't initially dawn on me that the actual content of this film involves polytheism and reincarnation. This does conflict with my own Christian belief system and that of my family. I have decided to keep these reviews up for the simple purpose of those who may be interested in the latest children's books out there, because the activities are a lot of fun, but I do want to note that Our Everyday Harvest is a Christian blog and I do not endorse the true nature or theme of this film.
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