Imagine...The Giant's Fall ~ The Newest Installment in the Popular Bible Fiction Series

I am amazed to see that there has been such a great selection of Christian fiction written for children these days. While nothing tops reading God's word, being able to step away from real life and put yourself into a good story can be a lot of fun. One collection of stories that I've grown quite fond of throughout the years is the Imagine series from Matt Koceich.

This series is meant for older children between the ages of eight and twelve. While the stories are fictional, I personally enjoy that they also incorporate Biblical truths into them. It really is a wonderful way to get children excited about the Bible. They can read about familiar events that they already know from Biblical history, but the Imagine series adds a twist with new characters and storylines. 

The Latest Picture Books in Our Spring Reading Basket

Although it's the middle of spring, it seems as though we've hit a slump here in New York where the chilly, wet weather is back and just doesn't want to part ways. Although there haven't been as many "play outside" days as of lately, we try not to let it get us down. After all, the warm weather can't hide forever!

Thank goodness we're all about spending time snuggling on the couch and getting in a few good books, especially on those cold and dreary days. We've recently added three new picture books to our spring reading basket that I couldn't wait to share. Each book is different in its own way, but all of them are quite special!

Powerful Prayers for Your Son: Praying for Every Part of His Life

Just recently, I had shared a post on facing different seasons in our life and how we can reconnect with Jesus–fixing our eyes on him, no matter what we're going through at any given time. As a mother, one of my ultimate goals is to help my son develop a strong and lasting relationship with our Father. I pray for him each and every day, sometimes several times a day. While he is still quite young, there may be times in his life when he'll have to face his own seasons. In these moments, I'll still be right there as his mother and prayer warrior.

I have been reading a beautiful companion to accompany my daily prayers. It's called Powerful Prayers for Your Son: Praying for Every Part of His Life. The book is meant to offer encouragement and inspiration to parents as they pray for their son through the many circumstances and events in his life.

Reconnecting with Jesus During the Busy Seasons of Our Lives

It has been turning out to be quite a busy year for my family and I–and it's only May! Even with all of the hustle and bustle, it is so important for me to spend quality time with the Lord. On the busier, more hectic days, getting in those quiet moments with Jesus can sometimes prove to be quite the challenge. The funny thing is, those are typically the days when I need Him the most!

We Are the Gardeners Picture Book by Joanna Gaines {+ GIVEAWAY}

With the spring season here, not only are we super excited about the warmer weather, but we also enjoy watching everything come back to life. The grass turns a vibrant green, again. The trees sprout new buds and the flowers begin blooming petals in all sorts of pretty colors. We also enjoy reading books about spring, nature, and the great outdoors. Just recently, we had the chance to read Joanna Gaines' very first children's book, We Are the Gardeners.

What I love about this book is that it not only offers children a quick glimpse into the dedication that maintaining a garden entails, but it also contains an underlying message with a moral to the story.