Month of the Military Child Certificate of Appreciation

April is Month of the Military Child. This strikes a particular chord for me, because we are also a military family. Uniformed Service Members make a huge sacrifice for our country, each and everyday, and so do the families that stand behind them. While this is recognized throughout the year, Month of the Military Child is a special time that is set aside, annually, to show appreciation to the children who are part of a military family, by honoring each child individually.

Blue Star Families is an organization that strives to offer support to military families. Right now, they are offering military parents a chance to show extra recognition for their military children by offering them an Outstanding Military Child/Teen Award Certificate.

"Service members are often recognized with certificates and medals for their outstanding service,
 and we at Blue Star Families would like to provide the opportunity for the outstanding military 
children in our lives to receive that same recognition. We want our children to be able to hang
 their own certificate on the wall along with those of their parents".--Blue Star Families

For more information on this program, you may visit the Blue Star Families website.

To request a certificate for your child, you may email Maria at