April 16, 2012

Cinnamon Craisin Bread {Bread Maker Recipe}

I have to say, I love my bread machine. What an amazing invention! It’s great to have fresh bread made at home in a snap!  Plus, I always have a lot of fun experimenting and creating new ideas, such as this yummy cinnamon craisin bread recipe that I am about to share.  If you have a bread machine and like craisins, then I highly recommend trying this recipe. The bread comes out so soft and delicious! It’s great with tea or coffee.



1 Cup of Water
2 Tablespoons of Butter or Margarine
3 Cups of Better for Bread Flour
3 Tablespoons of Sugar
1½ Teaspoons Salt
2 Teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon
2½ Teaspoons of Bread Machine Yeast
1 Cup of Craisins (could also substitute with raisins)


  • Place all ingredients into your bread maker according to the manufacturer's directions (usually liquid first, followed by dry ingredients, then yeast).
  • Use the “Sweet” setting on your bread maker.
  • Choose the light crust setting for best results.
  • Start the bread maker.
  • When the bread maker beeps (usually the signal to add fruits, etc.  Before the last kneading cycle is about to end) add the craisins.
  • Remove baked bread when complete and cool on a plate or wire rack. 

    Cut and serve…YUM!!


    Julie Waldron said...

    This sounds delicious, I'll have to give it a try. I'd never thought of using craisins instead of raisins for bread.

    Kelly said...

    One day I had a ton of craisins that I needed to use up (that's what happens when I find a good sale, lol). I switched out raisins from my typical recipe with the craisins as an experiment. It came out so good, I couldn't wait to share the recipe. Enjoy!

    Donna B said...

    I love bread recipes and this sounds and looks delicious!

    Kelly said...

    Thank you, Donna! :-)

    Laura said...

    I don't think I've had craisins before. I do love cranberries though, so I'm sure they are delicious!

    Kelly (Our Everyday Harvest) said...

    They're really good! They so have a little tartness, but it's not bad. I like adding them to salads and a trail mix that I make for my son.

    Julie Waldron said...

    This bread sounds great!

    Kelly (Our Everyday Harvest) said...

    Thanks, Julie! It's really good! :-)

    Sandra Watts said...

    This looks like a great recipe!

    Kelly (Our Everyday Harvest) said...

    It's really tasty! I love using this recipe for delicious breakfast toast! :-)