A Simple Method to Shucking Corn {Easy With No Mess}

If you follow me on Facebook, then you probably saw the video that I shared earlier today, How to Shuck Corn Like a Boss. If not, here's the video

I had never tried this before, so I was a bit intrigued and skeptical at the same time. What better way to put it to the test than to try it out, myself, which is what I did this evening.

I started off with two corn on the cobs with husk and silk intact: 

The rule of thumb is to put them in the microwave for four minutes per corn on the cob (in this case, eight minutes total):

After the corn is finished in the microwave, simply cut off the end where the stem once was (please be careful, the corn will be really hot. I used a pot holder while carefully cutting them): 

The corn will slip right out of the husk, silk and all: 

There were only a few pieces of silk left, but we're talking two or three strands. Another added bonus...your corn is completely cooked! My skepticism is all gone, and I am happy to say that this really worked!


Thanks, Ken!