Rite Aid Load2Card Feature Follow-Up

The other day, I had mentioned the new changes that would be taking place at Rite Aid when it comes to receiving and redeeming your earned +Up Rewards. Starting today, Rite Aid began loading +Up Rewards to your wellness card instead of having them print out on the receipt. 

I made a purchase, earlier, and as promised the receipt does tell you which +Up Rewards were earned during that particular purchase, and that they've been loaded to your card.  The only draw-back that I see with this new Load2Card feature is that you can no longer use a recently earned +Up Reward right away. You actually have to wait until 6:00 am the next morning before you can redeem the reward. Prior to that, most Rite Aid stores would allow you to redeem an +Up Reward on a new purchase right after you've earned it. Let's say you wanted to do two separate transactions, and put an earned  +Up Reward from transaction #1 towards transaction #2, you would have normally been able to do so. With this new Load2Card feature you won't be able to, because you'd actually have to wait until the next morning in order to redeem it.

On the plus side, the new Load2Card feature does eliminate the need to carry around those printed +Up Rewards, since everything just loads to your actual Wellness Card. You will never have to worry about losing them or accidentally leaving them at home.

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