Best Practice When "Liking" a Facebook Page

Do you own a Facebook business page for your blog, enterprise, etc?

The answer to the previous question will probably be, “yes.”

If you do, then receiving a “like” from another Facebook user is a definite positive, because it increases your engagement with your customers or readers, as well as your prospects.

Facebook is a great social networking tool, unfortunately there is a small hitch when it comes to how people “like” your page and what you may actually see in your total number of followers.  Facebook only counts “likes” when someone fans you from their personal page, but when you receive a “like” from a business page, it will not show up in your grand total. I know many folks may already be aware of this, but I wanted to share this information for those who may not have previously known. While this aspect may not be a huge issue for some, for others it just may be something that can’t be overlooked.

Let’s say you run a blog or business that solely focuses on working with companies to market their products. Perhaps the company you’re looking to do business with wants to see your media kit. This would usually include statistics on your readers, including the amount of followers you have via social networking such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

If you have 2233 Facebook followers, but 1000 of those followers are “liking” you from their business page, then your fan base count will only show the 1233 individuals who are following you from their personal page. While you may know your true number of followers, will the company you are looking to do business with be aware of this? You may have it jotted down in your media kit for them to review, but if they do a little investigating, they may see a different number than what you're stating. The company will probably want a substantial number of people to hear about their product, so you can see how this may hurt your chances of doing business with them.

In my honest opinion a follower is a follower, whether they are “liking” you from their personal page or their business page, unfortunately Facebook doesn’t see it the same way. Why they have it set up this way, is beyond me. I, myself, recently decided to do a swap of all the pages that I was following from my business page, so that I could start re-following them from my personal page.

Perhaps Facebook will change this aspect in the near future, until then if you are looking to support a business or return a follow from a fellow blogger by becoming a fan of their Facebook page, please remember that the best practice would probably be to do so from your personal page.

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