Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal Review

I’m so excited to bring everyone my very first product review following my recent blogging break. I was given the opportunity by BzzAgent and Quaker to try the new Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal.

Oatmeal has always been a staple in our home, especially during the cold weather months. What better way to warm the tummy, right? That's why I was excited to have the chance to try this.

I enjoy steel cut oatmeal, but I’m not really a fan of how time-intensive it can be to make. That's the best thing about this product! You can enjoy delicious steel cut oats in as little as three minutes! It's perfect for those mornings when you are on the go, or just simply limited in time. It also makes a terrific mid-day snack.

Quaker’s new Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal is made with 100% whole grain steel cut oats, rather than rolled. Not that I don’t love traditional rolled oats, but steel cut oats have a nutty texture that really does offer you a heartier breakfast option. One packet did it for me, as opposed to having to use two packets of my typical rolled oats.

This product comes in a standard box of eight packets. You can get the box in two different flavors. Blueberries and Cranberries or Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. I have also seen this offered in Original, which actually comes in a large canister.

I happened to receive a box of Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, which I really enjoyed since it had the perfect amount of sweetness for my preference.

Check out the simple list of ingredients from the back of the box:

With that same simplicity of making traditional instant oatmeal packets, you can have yourself a filling (and yummy!) breakfast without all of the fuss that goes into making regular steel cut oats.

Three minutes is all you really need to enjoy a tasty breakfast treat that leaves you feeling satisfied.