NEW Dial Boutique Collection Hand Soap Giveaway and Review

I’m back with a review and giveaway for another great product from Dial! Are you familiar with Dial’s Boutique Hand Soap Collection? It’s a special line of luxurious hand soaps that are infused with the most indulgent scents such as:

  • Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar
  • Water Blossoms
  • Coconut Lime Verbana

    Dial has now added a fourth addition to the Boutique Collection Hand Soap family, Sugar Cane Husk Scrub.

    Along with the other three previous Boutique Collection products, the new Sugar Cane Husk Scrub contains gentle micro-scrubbing beads that not only offer your skin a deep clean, but also help to exfoliate without irritating sensitive skin.

    I wash my hands a lot, so they are very prone to drying out. It’s great to use a hand soap that is going to provide my skin with a little extra TLC each and every time. There's also a new slick design to the bottle, making it a nice addition to any bathroom or kitchen sink.

    The scent, of course, would have to be my most favorite feature of this product. Inspired by freshly cut sugar cane, you can imagine how scrumptious it is. The fragrance is so vibrant and refreshing; it’s actually very reminiscent of another product line that I've previously used from a popular bath and body store. The plus with the new Sugar Cane Husk Scrub is that I can find it at my local grocery or drug store for a great price!

    If you're looking for premium hand soap, without the premium price, then I recommend giving any one of the great products from Dial’s Boutique Collection a try.

    The goods news…one lucky winner here on Our Everyday Harvest will get the chance to experience Dial’s new Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Soap. Also, a second winner will have the opportunity to try out another great product from Dial, their Complete Omega Moisture Foaming Hand Wash.

    The first winner will receive a coupon (valued at $4.00), which can be used towards one FREE bottle of Dial Boutique Collection Sugar Cane Hand Soap. A second winner will be chosen to receive a coupon (also valued at $4.00), which can be used towards one FREE bottle of Dial Complete Omega Moisture Foaming Hand Wash.

    Two winners...two great products! Good luck!