May 27, 2015

Children's Book Review: The Day Is Waiting by Don Freeman and Linda Zuckerman

Where could your child’s day take him or her? There are so many different places that one can go and so many different things to see on the way. That is the main theme surrounding the children’s book, The Day is Waiting.

About the Authors:

Don Freeman is known to many people as the author of Corduroy and other children’s books. He is also known as a graphic artist who vividly portrayed the street life and theater world of New York City in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Linda Zuckerman has been a children's book editor for more than forty years, having held executive editorial positions at several major publishing houses. Linda is the editor of three books that were awarded the Caldecott Medal and two that received Newbery Honor citations.

 About the Book:
Don Freeman, the creator of Corduroy, was one of the most beloved and popular author/illustrators of picture books for children. After Freeman’s death in 1978, colleagues and his wife decided to use his never before published artwork and make a commemorative book using his wonderful illustrations. Paired with Linda Zuckerman's thoughtful rhyming text, The Day Is Waiting takes readers on a tour of our big, wide world and reminds us that no matter how far we roam, we always have home to come back to.

The Day is Waiting  puts the reader (a child) in the front seat as a main character. From viewing and visiting the various people, places and things around, the world can truly be an amazing place to be. Everything and everyone seems so interesting, and while that may be the case, it’s wonderful to know that your precious home is still waiting for you at the end of the day.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.-- Isaiah 55:12

The text is very easy to read with short prose written on each page, which makes it the perfect type of book that can be read to a toddler or for a young child who is just learning to read. Each page contains a variety of soft colorful illustrations, some simple and some more detailed. Each one would definitely appeal to the eyes of a young child. My son enjoyed pointing out the many different objects and colors on each page. 

As a fan of Freeman’s Corduroy, it’s nice to see such a successful collaboration between his family and author, Linda Zuckerman. I am very pleased that I can now add this sweet children’s story to my son’s library.

If interested, you can find The Day is Waiting on Amazon.


Deedra said...

This book should like something my daughter would like to read. What would you say is the age range for this? Kindergarten reader? First grade? I am looking for books to put on my first graders reading list for the summer.
Thank you

Kelly said...

Hi Deedra! Thank you for your comment. The recommended age group for this book is 4 to 8 years old, although I would say it all depends on a child's reading level. It's a very easy read with short sentences on each page, so I would think it'd be perfect for a child in kindergarten or first grade. I hope that helps! :-)

Deedra said...

It does help. I like to give her a little challenge after she has picked out the easy ones she likes to read. Thank you.

Kelly said...

You're welcome. You may also want to look into these two:

Both books have more words per/sentences per page, but are really nice for young children. :-)

desithebonde said...

you sonew great review on the book and then the kid would love to use and read teh books

Kelly said...

Thank you!

Erin Ellis said...

My girls would love this book, and I think I would too!