Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus by Randy Frazee and Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton #BookReview

I always say that it's never to early to teach children the importance of having a relationship with God. That's why I enjoy finding books that could help my son grow in his faith as he gets older. When I initially came across Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the title alone piqued my interest.

Book Description:
Presented by bestselling author and pastor Randy Frazee, the Believe Storybook shows children how they can think, act, and be more like Jesus. With 60 old and new testament stories from the Bible that showcase the themes, combined with captivating and dramatic illustrations by Steve Adams, children and adults alike will be inspired to become more like their savior and the person they were meant to be.

The Believe Storybook is part of the national church-wide program led by bestselling author Randy Frazee that shows children how they can think, act, and be more like Jesus.

About the Authors:
Randy Frazee is the senior minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Oak Hills is one of the largest churches in America, where Randy teaches and leads in partnership with pastor and author Max Lucado. An emerging leader and innovator in spiritual formation and biblical community, Randy is the architect of The Story church engagement campaign. He is the author of The Heart of The Story, The Connecting Church 2.0, The Christian Life Profile Assessment, and coauthored Real Simplicity with his wife Rozanne.

When I first laid eyes on Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus, I was amazed at the quality. It is a fairly large book with 256 pages. The illustrations, done by Steve Adams, are beautiful. Each page is filled with vibrant colors that would please any child. The set up of the book was a little confusing for me, at first. I wasn't sure if it was a book of stories, a devotional, or a children's bible. As I read on, I soon realized that it actually has a little bit of everything. It's basically the ultimate children's bible study guide.

Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus contains a total of thirty chapters, that are divided into three main objectives, Think, Act, and Be. All three objective are then divided into ten chapters that explore the core beliefs, practices, and virtues of living a Christian life.

The authors actually took on a very unique approach with this book, which I really enjoyed. Each chapter starts off with a key question such as "Who is God?" or "What gifts and skills has God given me to serve others?" The following sections of each chapter will then have two separate stories, one taken from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. There is also a Jump to Jesus section that helps connect both the Old and New Testament stories together. The final section discusses how Jesus would answer the key question that is being asked in the beginning of the chapter.

I really like how Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus helps children explore so many essential topics on spiritual growth and the questions they may have along the way, while providing perfect examples from the Bible and what Jesus would do. It really does serve as the perfect guide for children in the six to nine age range, although it could very well be read by those who are younger (the actual recommended age group is four to eight). I will continue to read this to my son, until he is old enough to do so on his own.

I've also recently discovered that there is actually an adult version of this book, which is great. I took a real liking to Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus, so I am hoping that I will enjoy the adult version, as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus or purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon.