Early Learning Through Reading: Say and Pray Bible by Diane Stortz #BookReview

My little one's library is just growing with an amazing collection of books. When I'm not reading to him, he takes it upon himself to grab a book or two off the shelf to flip through. That's why it's nice to have some sturdy board books on hand. One of his newest and most cherished books is the Say & Pray Bible by Diane Stortz.

Say and Pray Bible stories will engage toddlers as they learn about God and all the things in His world. Simple Bible story text and colorful objects will delight little ones as they are introduced to popular Bible stories.

Born in Detroit and raised in Southern California, Diane Stortz has lived in Cincinnati, OH, since graduating from Arizona State University with a BA in journalism. For ten years she led the book group at Standard Publishing as editorial director. Diane now runs Izzy's Office, where she edits books and writes for children and adults. Her goal: encouraging you to read, learn, love, and live God's Word, the Bible.

The Say & Pray Bible contains twenty different stories from the Bible, ten from the Old Testament and ten from the New Testament (beginning from Genesis all the way to the Resurrection of Jesus). Since the Say & Pray Bible is meant for toddlers, each story is set up in a very simplified way with only a sentence or two, along with matching scripture reference, and a small prayer to recite.

One of the other features of this book that really stands out is that each story is set up as a two-page spread, and includes several labels showcasing various words that your child could learn to say out loud. For instance, if we visit Luke 2, Jesus is Born, the story contains six separate labels highlighting various related words in the story, such as Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, donkey, cow, and sheep.

As I read the stories to my son, he gets to repeat and point out the various people and objects on the page. It makes me so proud as a mother to watch my baby boy add new words to his vocabulary each and everyday. Reading the Say & Pray Bible is another excellent opportunity for him to not only learn new words, but also touch up on ones that he may already know. Plus, the words are all related to various Bible stories and scripture, which is a fantastic way for him to learn about his faith.
God told Abraham, "Your family will be big--
as many as the stars!"

God, our God, blesses us. 
--Psalm 67:6 ICB

Thank you,
God, for my family!

Tree, Abraham, Tent, Goat, Camel, Star, Moon

The colorful illustrations are absolutely adorable. Honestly, they couldn't be anymore perfect, as they depict the different characters and events throughout Biblical history. I can also appreciate how sturdy this Bible is. Since it's a board book, my son can flip through it without me having to worry about torn pages. The corners are also rounded rather than pointed, which is another added bonus. There are no sharp corners on this book.

The Say & Pray Bible is perfect for both babies and toddlers. Not only does this book offer age-appropriate Biblical teachings that are easy for them to understand, but an all around valuable learning experience.