Handy Infant/Toddler Car Seat Accessory Review #BabyGadget | Carseatthingy

I'm such a huge fan of baby gadgets, especially those unique ones that you may have never seen before. You know the ones that make you say, "Now why haven't I thought of this?" or "Where have you been all my life?" The Carseatthingy is one of those types of gadgets.

Although typically compliant with getting into the car seat, my son has never truly been a fan. There are those occasions where my little wiggle worm just doesn't want to be in his seat. Of course after that is all said and done, then comes the strapping in part. You think you're golden until you realize that you can't seem to find the bottom buckle! Where did it go? Oh there it is, right under your child after you have finally gotten him or her perfectly adjusted into the seat. So now all that's left is to dig for it. Sigh!

Enter the Carseatthingy! This is a product that actually keeps the bottom car seat buckle from falling into the area where your baby sits. The Carseatthingy works on pretty much all infant and convertible car seats. The idea is pretty simple, actually. There is a piece of elastic with a clip at one end and a loop on the other end. The loop goes around the seat's bottom buckle and the clip hooks to the underside of the seat. There are small slits throughout the strap to help you adjust the length to your specific seat model.

When it came to installing the Carseatthingy, I had no problem figuring out the hoop portion, since that was pretty much self-explanatory. I was a tad bit confused on where to hook the actual clip on my son's car seat. There were no instructions included, but I was able to find several photo tutorials available on the company's website. After viewing all of those photos, I realized that my son's car seat, a Chicco NextFit, wasn't on there. Luckily, I was able to figure it out after a few minutes and we were good to go. Honestly once you realize where the clip goes on your specific model, it pretty much takes a minute or less to install.

The strap itself costs $5.95 and comes in three separate colors to choose from, black, pink, or tan. The company had also sent me a cover with one of the straps. I really like the option of having this cover since the strap, although functional, isn't very pretty by itself. The one pictured above is a super cute hot pink zebra print cover, which is perfect for girls. I haven't seen any actual cover designs for sale on their website, so I'm not sure if this is just a prototype that the company had sent me. Either way, the cover idea is genius, so I do hope to see more options for different colors and patterns, especially for boys.

All in all, I think this is a nifty gadget to have. It will be especially helpful for me when my son and I go on errand runs where we head in and out of different places (which means frequently getting in and out of the car seat). Although it may appear to be a simple strap, it really does the job of pulling the bottom buckle forward and away from the seating area, in turn, making it a really useful tool to have.