Giving a Gift of Confident Faith: The Apologetics Study Bible for Students Review and GIVEAWAY

Christians are often faced with tough questions from others when it comes to topics of faith. As a Christian, myself, I want to be able to defend my faith and be equipped with the right words to say if ever a situation comes up where my beliefs are being challenged. That's why I really appreciate the study of Apologetics, and welcomed the opportunity to read the new Apologetics Study Bible for Students (HCSB).

For those who may not be familiar with apologetics (in terms of Christianity), it's simply a means of defending one's faith and beliefs. This could come in the form of answering a sincere question that someone else may have about Christianity. Other times it could be to defend one's faith and beliefs when their convictions are being disputed. The use of apologetics not only helps a person better engage in discussions about their core principles, but it also furnishes knowledge to oneself in order to gain a greater understanding of their faith as a whole.

Give Your Student the Gift of Confidence. Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood. Up to 66 percent of them leave church altogether. The Apologetics Study Bible for Students works against that trend by helping anchor younger Christians in the truths of Scripture, equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses for whenever the core issues of their faith and life are challenged, while helping them better articulate their beliefs with non-believers.

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students offers real world examples and arguments of some of today's hard-hitting topics related to science, violence, gambling, tolerance, etc. If you've ever been in a circumstance where you wanted to defend your values, but found it somewhat difficult to fully explain your stance in a way that someone else could better understand, then this is a Bible that your definitely going to want to pick up and read!


  • Articles: 120 answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Christianity.
  • Study Notes: Detailed explanations on the bottom of every page regarding difficult issues that occurred in the Bible
  • Twisted Scriptures: Clarification of sixty different Bible passages that are often distorted by world views
  • Bones & Dirt: Key archaeological findings relating to both the Old and New Testaments are highlighted to build confidence in the reliability of Scripture
  • Notable Quotes: Quotes from present and past apologists are highlighted to encourage, challenge, and motivate readers
  • Tactics: Specific tactics to help better equip Christians for some of today's most common objections
  • Personal Stories: Find encouragement by reading personal stories of some of the great defenders of the Christian faith
  • Fast Facts: Twenty most fundamental apologetic topics are put into brief bullet-point lists for simple reference and memorization

This is actually the first HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) that I've ever had the chance to read. I really appreciate the it offers a modern and simple translation, while staying true to original Biblical content. Readers will find the wording very easy to follow. There are also notes on the bottom of each page to help highlight key discussions and topics.

Although this particular Bible is meant for students of preteen/teen age, I honestly found it to be extremely useful for just about anyone. As an adult, I am still faced with finding sensible ways to defend my beliefs to those who may want to dispute my faith. Perhaps it's not even a matter of disputing faith, but a genuine question that someone may ponder, such as, "If God already knows what we need, then why pray?" It is topics such as this, that are discussed in the Apologetics Study Bible for Students. As I browsed through the pages, I found many informative articles and key features that would prove to be quite helpful for future discussions that I may have with others about my beliefs.

Of course at the same time, I can definitely see why this would be extremely beneficial for older children and teens. They may still be building confidence in their own faith, pondering different aspects of their beliefs. On top of that, there are the constant challenges of younger Christians who may be pressured into certain lifestyles, or confused by the many conflicting views out there. The Apologetics Study Bible for Students is definitely a valuable resource to help tackle some of the common issues and uncertainties that young believers may experience these days. When my son is older, this Bible will definitely be passed on to him for his studies.

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students is available for purchase here. If you visit the Apologetics Bible website, you'll also find a lot of amazing free resources and downloads, including sixteen short teaching videos featuring author (and general editor of the Apologetics Study Bible for Students), Sean McDowell. These videos offer an informative, yet down-to-earth view on a lot of today's tough issues. 

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