Thank You, Lord, For Everything by P.J. Lyons #BookReview

I'm back with another new treasure from my little one's library, Thank You, Lord, For Everything, written by P.J. Lyons. The book teaches little ones the valuable lesson of being thankful for everything in their lives, no matter how big or small. Each and every event is worth God's praise!

Thank You, Lord, For Everything, is a sweet and gentle rhyme-perfect for bedtime, quiet time, and anytime in between. P.J. Lyons' engaging text and Tim Warnes' playful illustrations remind readers how much they have to be thankful for.

PJ Lyons received a Master’s Degree in Writing for Children at Vermont College and is the author of The Little Lion’s Bible, The Little Lamb’s Bible, and The Wonderful World that God Made. She currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As soon as I received this book, I fell in love with it and so did my little boy. The story flows with sweet rhyming prose as the reader takes a journey through a day in the life of a little bear cub. He starts his morning waking up with the sun shining bright and a hearty delicious breakfast. Next, he is on to play with his friends, followed by a family picnic. After every activity, the little bear cub remembers to thank God for his blessings.

"Come and join us!" your friends call.
You jump rope and toss a ball—
Pleasure only friends can bring.
"Thank you, Lord, for everything."

Each page of this soft-padded board book contains adorable illustrations, by Tim Warnes. Young children will enjoy pointing out the different animals and objects throughout. Thank You, Lord, For Everything is a very easy read, but at the same time it holds a special message for young ones on the importance of being thankful for the many blessings that they may receive throughout the day.

Thank You, Lord, For Everything officially releases on September 1, 2015. If interested in purchasing the book, you can pre-order it on Amazon for 25% off the cover price.