I Want to be Just Like Jesus: Bible Storybook by Stephen Elkins {Children's Book Review}

Being and acting like Jesus are equally important for adults and children, alike. I've recently been blessed with several amazing devotionals and Bible storybooks for my son. Each of these books have their own way of helping children learn how to be more like Jesus. Since they all vary in age categories, they'll help him as he grows in his faith throughout life.

The most recent book that I received, I Want to Be Just Like Jesus: Bible Storybook, is another wonderful way to teach children how to develop exceptional virtues that would exemplify Jesus' character.

Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did
1 John 2:6

All parents want their children to model good character. And the best way to do that is to encourage children to want to be just like our ultimate role model—Jesus! Just Like Jesus Bible Storybook is a collection of stories that will inspire kids to take on the character of Jesus. Each story highlights a lesson that Jesus taught—lessons like giving thanks, treating everyone equally, sharing with others, being patient, being generous, and more. Each lesson features a “Jesus in the Bible” story that shows Jesus’ character and how He acted in particular situations. Flip the page, and children will find a section called “Jesus in Me” that will inspire them to model Jesus’s behavior, conform to His character, and want to be just like Him! Each lesson ends with a short prayer through which children can ask God to help them develop the character of Jesus.

Stephen Elkins is an author, musician, and Grammy-nominated record producer. Elkins is also the author of the bestselling 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs; 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me; LullaBible; and Clifford the Big Red Dog Audio Series.

I Want to Be Just Like Jesus: Bible Storybook contains delightful illustrations portraying Biblical characters that are absolutely adorable! It has a sturdy padded cover, and is set up very much like a devotional. Young children won't have a difficult time connecting with the stories. The topics are age-appropriate and encompass the essentials for bringing up little ones in the Christian faith.

Each chapter has the same format with five sections:
  • Jesus Was/Had: Names a Virtue (for example "compassion") and a scripture verse
  • Jesus in the Bible: An example from the Bible when Jesus showed that virtue.
  • Jesus in Me: A present day example in which a child can demonstrate that same virtue.
  • Prayer for Today: A small prayer to recite that's associated with the virtue
  • To Be Like Jesus: An affirmation

In the back of the book, you'll also find a checklist showing all of the different character traits that are discussed, and the page numbers where you can find them. (This is an extra feature in addition to the Table of Contents that is in the beginning of the book.)

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or know someone who has young children, this would make a fantastic gift. There's even an area where you can write a little note to present the book to a child. I Want to Be Just Like Jesus: Bible Storybook is another precious treasure in my son's library of faith-based books.