101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home by David Bordon and Tom Winters

I have said it many times, children grow up so fast! Even though my little one is still a toddler, I can't help feel that the time is passing by so quickly. I remember holding a sweet little swaddled up newborn boy in my hands as if it just happened. When you have children in the home, no matter what their age, it's so very important to take the time out of each day to cherish the moments you have with them. Many of our lives are so busy, it's difficult to remember that we need to slow down and enjoy the time we have with them nowbefore they grow up and move out to start their own lives. One of the books that I've recently read, 101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home, touches up on fun ideas and activities to help us make the most of the precious time that we have with our children.

Seasoned parents know that the days are long, but the time is short. It can be tough to come up with ways to make lasting memories, but now you don't have to! David Bordon and Tom Winters have collected 101 original ideas to inspire parents with kids of all ages to step out of their daily routine and spend precious time together as a family. From creative concepts such as opening a snow cone stand to service projects like volunteering in a soup kitchen, some suggestions are fun, some challenging, and others practical--but every page is jam-packed with advice designed to help parents prepare their children for life out in the world, while making sure that every moment counts.

David Bordon and Tom Winters are partners in Bordon-Winters, LLC, a book concept and packaging company that produces successful books and gift products. Their previous titles include the 101 Things You Should Do series.

Nobody wants to look back on their lives and feel like they've missed out. I know for me, I want to be able to reflect back to valuable moments that my family and I shared together. This book inspires parents with a collection of 101 different suggestions to help create memories with the potential to not only last a lifetime, but throughout generations.

No matter what your family's preferences are, there's bound to be activities in this book that you can recreate with them. Some of the ones listed in this book are more attainable like dancing in the ocean waves, while others are more extraordinary, such as flying a hot air balloon over your house.


#47 Teach Your Kids to Love God– By Word and Example: This is such an important one to me. Children like to follow by example, so why not let them witness the personal relationship that you have with God and how much He matters to you.

#54 Collaborate on a Family Memory Book: We already have loads and loads of photo albums. I do have my son's baby book that I have completed throughout the years, as well as a new journal that I'm getting ready to start (from me to him). It will be wonderful to collaborate together to create a family memory book down the road.

#89 Fly High With a Kite: This is actually on this summer's to-do list!

#31 Get Elbow-to-Elbow in a 1000 Piece Puzzle: I really enjoy putting together puzzles, but haven't exactly had the time to get a good one going. It will be really fun to take part in this activity with my little one when he gets a bit older.

The authors don't just include ideas based on creating memories, but they also include a page with each activity that discusses the true meaning and significance behind it–emotional, spiritual, or a combination of both. There's even a collection of blank pages in the back to allow the reader to write down their own wish list of things that they'd like to do before their children leave home.

101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home is an amazing book that will inspire you to create everlasting memories with your children. I am so happy to have had the privilege of reading this and look forward to taking part in many of the ideas shared, so that I can create extra meaningful moments in my son's live. This is a book that would definitely make a wonderful gift for parents and even soon to be parents.

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