A Children's Story Based on Philippians 4:13: I Can by Kathryn O'Brien

I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength! This is scripture taken right from Philippians 4:13 in the Bible. It's such a strong verse, just saying it aloud makes me feel so empowered. Wouldn't it be great to give little ones that same empowerment by teaching them what this verse really means? In the children's book I Can, author Kathryn O'Brien does just that.

With a repetitive, rhythmic introduction of Philippians 4:13 (“I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”), I Can turns Bible memorization from a duty to a delight for children, using the author’s unique teaching strategy. This purposeful presentation of Scripture will help children memorize, understand, and absorb passages as the author presents this powerful verse one word at a time, teaching the meaning of each individual word before presenting the entire passage. I Can builds a meaningful connection between God’s Word and a child’s life experiences, laying a foundation for a love and comprehension of Scripture. Parents and children will enjoy interacting together over the passage.

Kathryn O'Brien has been published in numerous parenting and teaching magazines, including ParentLife and Shining Star. As a former elementary school teacher, Kathryn continues to write on education topics and blogs regularly at kathobrien.com. She is an award-winning author of two children's books, including I'd Be Your Princess, which won the 2005 ECPA Christian Book Award (Best Picture Book). David C. Cook recently invited her to join their writing team at HomeFront Magazine.

Philippians 4:13 has always been one of my favorite go-to verses. I love the fact that there's a book to echo those same encouraging words to young children, teaching them what this verse really stands for. The verse in it's entirety is broken down bit by bit. The first page of the story starts with "I can" and continues on to the many things children like to do, such as running, jumping, laughing, and playing. Every other page adds a little more to the verse, "I can do." Throughout the book children will be reminded of the many additional things they can do and amazing gifts that the Lord has given them. 

This hardcover picture book offers illustrations with soft beautiful colors, depicting animals and cheerful children in their everyday settings. The text is written in easy to read words that little ones can follow along to. The children in the book go about their day feeling blessed that God has given them the encouragement to do anything they put their mind to. There's even a page that discusses who Jesus is–that He died and resurrected, and how He can live in our own hearts.

I Can is a short and sweet book that is an all around delight to read. The story offers preschoolers a wonderful introduction to this very meaningful verse in the Bible, and how to adapt it to their lives. They'll also learn who Jesus is and what He offers us in our own lives when we ask Him into our hearts.

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