A Sweet Bedtime Story to Snuggle Up To: Bedtime Snuggles by Patricia Reeder Eubank #BedtimeSnuggles

No children's library can be complete without a few good books to snuggle up with. Our latest addition to my son's book collection, Bedtime Snuggles, is the perfect read right before his bedtime.

A sweet and cozy book that's perfect for bedtime reading. As the sun slowly sinks in the nighttime sky, baby farm animals of all shapes and sizes snuggle up with their mamas for a good night's sleep. Little ones will love the cozy animals and the sweet conclusion--a mother rocking her child to sleep. Patti Eubank's expressive rhyming text is paired with her finely detailed illustrations to create a board book that is perfect for bedtime reading. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! Ages 2 to 5.

Patricia Reeder Eubank has written and illustrated many titles for Ideals Children's Books, including Seaman's Journal and Just Where You Belong. Patricia's love of animals shines through on nearly every page of each book she has illustrated. She lives in the Santa Ynez Valley of California with her family and their many animals.

Bedtime Snuggles is wonderful for toddlers and preschoolers, since it is a board book and can withstand little hands as they turn each page. The illustrations are beautiful and full of vibrant colors. Throughout the story children will follow around baby animals as they get ready to snuggle up with their mothers for bedtime. My son, the little animal lover, enjoys pointing out each creature as we read the story together. The text is written in precious rhyming prose, and is very easy to read.

This book is the perfect addition to any children's nighttime routine. As a mother who will never get tired of hugs and snuggles from my own son, Bedtime Snuggles touched me personally. At the end of the story there is even a mention of a nighttime routine that's very reminiscent of our own–snuggling, praying, and a goodnight kiss. Children will delight in this heartwarming bedtime story. It's short and sweet, the perfect book for little ones to drift of to sleep to.

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