Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet with Illustrations by David Miles #BookReview

Lately, I've been on the hunt for some good age-appropriate books for my son that will tell the story of God' prophets. In doing so, I happened to come across the opportunity to read the new Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet from the Adventure Bible series.

Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet is a level 2 I Can Read, written in the tradition of the bestselling NIV Adventure Bible. In this story, Elijah the prophet has a tough job to do—convince a stubborn king and the Israelites that God is greater than anyone, including the god Baal.

Born and raised in Michigan, David Miles spent his childhood sloshing through creek beds, climbing trees, and creating numerous baked goods. That spirit of adventure and curiosity often finds its way into his illustrations through quirky characters and hidden surprises. After spending a decade in Philadelphia and New York pursuing his artistic dreams, David has moved back to the familiar surroundings of Michigan. Now, when he's not drawing and painting he still enjoys a good romp through the woods.

Elijah, God's Might Prophet is an I Can Read, Level 2 book for readers around the ages of 4 through 8. I've been currently reading it to my own son who is still quite young, but the text is easy to read, so the story keeps his attention as I read a long. He particularly enjoys the illustrations that depict various Biblical characters throughout.

The book tells the story of the prophet, Elijah, as he follows God's orders by reminding his people that there is only one true God. He warns them of what God said will happen if they turn from Him, yet many still won't listen. The end result leads up to a stand off between King Ahab and Elijah as he tries to convince people of the truth, one last time. The story in itself offers children a wonderful lesson in listening to God's word and having faith.

We currently own several I Can Read, Level 2 reading books in my son's library, but this is the first one from the Adventure Bible series. He does own the Adventure Bible for Little Ones board book, which is amazing if you have toddlers and want to give them a head start on beginner Bible stories. Elijah, God's Might Prophet is a nice step up from the board book–something that he'll be able to grow into as he gets a bit older. 

I find there's no better time to get children started on Bible stories and this book is perfect for young readers who are seeking to learn more about the prophet Elijah. There are many other books in the Adventure Bible I Can Read series. After reading Elijah, God's Might Prophet, I'm looking forward to checking out more of what the series has to offer. These book not only tell the accounts of the Bible, but they provide a nice visual experience that brings each story to life.

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