Early Childhood Learning with the Kids' Candor Bilingual Subscription Box {Review + GIVEAWAY}

I'm all about subscription boxes, lately! Getting a package in the mail is always a lot of fun, but when the contents are a surprise, it can be even more exciting. I feel this way as an adult, so you could only imagine how thrilling it is for a child. I've recently had the pleasure of being introduced to a new kind of subscription box called Kids' Candor.

Not only does Kids' Candor offer educational fun for children, but each learning experience from this box is done in dual languages, both English and Spanish. In fact, it's the first bilingual program that provides an all around learning experience from birth through preschool, incorporating activities that are meant to not only involve the child, but the parent/caregiver, as well.

Kids' Candor subscription kits are made specifically for the child’s age and developmental stage:
  • 0 to 6 months
  • 6 to 12 months
  • 1 to 2 years
  • 2 to 3 years
  • 3 to 4 years


    Respect for children, their intelligence and abilities: Through the interplay of nature and nurture in the transactional model, parents and caregivers play pivotal roles in providing an environment that encourages discovery learning in these areas: language, cognitive, social, and motor skills and bilingualism.

    Human interaction: Research clearly demonstrates the need for positive human interactions to optimize a child’s early brain development.

    Global point of view and the value of diversity and difference: Learning another language is a critical component to communicating in an interconnected world. Understanding more than one language enables a child to consider other perspectives and cultural experiences. In the future, this proficiency often leads to fuller and more successful lives.

    Every month, children will receive a new theme to focus on. Each kit comes with a comprehensive guided curriculum that incorporates games, music, and a variety of educational activities using toys and other materials.

    I opted for the three to four year old kit. Even though some of the products included in the box may be a little more advanced for my son's current level, I like having items that he can grow with throughout a period of time. Plus, I can give him an extra head start if he's ready for it. While talking to my son, I sometimes throw in a few Spanish words from time to time, so I can also appreciate that Kids' Candor is a bilingual kit. Not only will it help him learn the essentials, but also introduce him to a new language.


    A Kids' Candor box focuses on four areas of development:
    • Physical (fine motor skills, movement patterns, etc.)
    • Social and Emotional Development (learning and responding to feelings, interacting with others, etc.)
    • Cognitive Development (problem solving, reasoning, etc.)
    • Speech and Language Development (speaking, body language, gestures, etc.)

    The box that my son personally received revolved around shapes, but not just your basics like circles and squares. A lot of attention was put into also teaching the more advanced (3-D) shapes. My son is really good at identifying shapes (even ovals and diamonds), but I'd really like to get him started on learning more about cubes and spheres. This can be very confusing for children who may just think a cube is a square or a sphere is a circle. That's why I was ecstatic to receive a box that specifically catered to this theme.

    Here is what my son received in his Kids' Candor Box:

    • Welcome note card (Bilingual: English/Spanish)
    • Guidance card on using the kit (Bilingual: English/Spanish)
    • Developmental area reference card (Bilingual: English/Spanish)
    • Age group reference card (Bilingual: English/Spanish)
    • CD with original music by Kids' Candor (Shapes in 3D)
    • Book (Learning Spanish Shapes by C. Mahoney)
    • Set of twenty Kids' Candor activity cards (Bilingual: English/Spanish)
    • Colored construction paper
    • Large paper cube/die
    • Child-friendly scissors
    • Masking tape
    • Pencil
    • Set of five colored balloons
    • Hape Bamboo Architetrix Constructor Set

    My absolute favorite aspect of this kit was the twenty Kids' Candor activity cards. As a parent, I am constantly searching for new learning activities for my son. These cards are the backbone of this kit, because they offer unique experiences (exclusively written by Kids' Candor) that you and your child can participate in. Each card is doubled sided to accommodate both English and Spanish. They also include a variety of bilingual key words pertaining to the activity. As you go through one of the twenty activities included in the kit, you'll notice a key at the bottom that references which skills are being used in that particular activity. The included developmental reference card discusses each area in more detail. Small icons are used to represent the four developmental areas. Some activities will incorporate all four areas of development, while some may only include two or three. It all depends on the activity, itself.

    For Example:

    One activity in my son's kit is called Let's Play: Roll the Dice. It involves rolling the large paper die (included). Each number side of the die will represent an action/movement such as one for jumping, two for squatting, and so forth. The key at the bottom of the card shows that the skills used in this activity incorporates all four development areas (Physical, Social, Cognitive, and Language).



    The music CD included in the kit is also pretty neat. This is another special inclusion that you'll only find in a Kids' Candor kit. Each CD has a different theme to match the box it comes in. Every song on it will contain three versions, one in English, a second in Spanish, and the third in a combination of both languages. We have a lot of fun dancing to the songs and taking part in some of the shape related musical activities.

    I really love this Hape Bamboo Architetrix Constructor Set! We're going to have a blast putting this together and creating a ton of different structural designs.

    My son also has a favorite from the kit, and that is the book. Of course this comes to no surprise for me, since he is a little bookworm (like his mother). The book that he received this month, Learning Spanish Shapes by C. Mahoney, offers a lot of fun visual activities to keep his mind quite busy.

    When subscribing to the Kids' Candor box, you have two options:

    Option 1: The Full Version Kit, which is $45.00 a month. In it, you'll receive:
    • CD with original English and Spanish songs by Kids' Candor
    • Bilingual book
    • Set of 20 Bilingual Activity Cards specially created by Kids' Candor
    • One to Three Toys
    • Additional supporting materials, such as reference cards, flashcards, work sheets, arts and crafts materials, etc.

    Option 2: The Essentials Kit, which is $25.00 a month. In it, you'll receive:
    • CD with original English and Spanish songs by Kids' Candor
    • Bilingual book
    • Set of 20 Bilingual Activity Cards specially created by Kids' Candor
    • Additional supporting materials, such as reference cards, flashcards, work sheets, arts and crafts materials, etc.

      I love seeing my son's eyes light up when he receives a new book or toy. Kids' Candor turns it up a notch by providing a collection of fun, one-of-a kind learning experiences each month. I have a natural learner here who's always so inquisitive, so I know that he'll truly benefit from the Kids' Candor kit. This is a subscription box that I wouldn't mind having him receive on a month to month basis.

      Interested in trying out Kids' Candor? Enter the promotion code "KC50" at checkout and you can save 50% off your first month. Half off is a pretty awesome discount!

      It gets better, I am also happy to offer a wonderful giveaway opportunity for Our Everyday Harvest readers! One winner will receive a Kids' Candor one month kit in their preferred age group.

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