Creating a Legacy of Encouragement: The Loved+Blessed Subscription Box

I'm feeling so encouraged right now–encouraged and excited! A lot of us enjoy receiving packages in the mail. I know that I do! What's even better is when the contents in the package are a big secret, like a subscription box for instance. You don't know what's inside, because it's all a big mystery until you open it.

That's why I'm so happy to share my latest subscription box find called Loved+Blessed. There are a lot of different types of subscriptions boxes out there, this particular one is quite unique. While you may not know what you'll receive each month, you can be sure that whatever is inside will put a smile on your face. You see, a Loved+Blessed subscription box is specially made to offer woman everywhere hope, comfort, and encouragement.

A Bit of History on How Loved+ Blessed Got Started:
Founded in 2001, by Jamila Jackson, jamiladanielle designworks™ began as a labor of love. Her handmade handbags and accessories were inspired by women who encouraged her to realize her dreams. The company gained a loyal following, but Jamila felt something was missing. After searching her heart, she realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding her to do more with the creative talent she had been blessed with. In 2006, she introduced the loved+blessed® collection of jewelry and prayer accessories, with the goal of helping women share their testimony of God's love." In 2012, she launched a non-profit book sharing ministry, Pass Hope On®, which aims to fill people's lives with hope by passing along Christian books with hand written messages of encouragement to believers and non-believers around the world. In 2014, Jamila decided to combine her love of developing inspirational products and her passion for encouraging people into the loved+blessed® monthly subscription service. 

The Loved+Blessed subscription box is unlike anything I've ever previously come across. Sometimes we need a little extra something to brighten our day. Wouldn't it be great to receive something in the mail each month, with a special message of faith and hope just for you?

I personally received a Beauty themed box. It included the following gifts inside:
  • Theme Card
  • Mini Poster
  • Reminder Sticker
  • Scripture Card
  • Loved+Blessed Silicone Bracelet
  • Prayer Journal

As soon as I opened my box, I honestly felt a sense of great peace and joy. The theme of the box was "beauty" and coincidentally I kept thinking about how beautifully put together this package was. The idea behind the beauty box is to remind the receiver that God values us a person, as his child. He created us just the way we are and for His purpose. This box serves as a wonderful reminder that beauty is not defined by the typical standards that you frequently hear promoted throughout the media or in the world around you. God wants you to know that he created you to be special. Every little detail we have is a reflection of His Creation, and He loves you just the way you are.

Helping women create a legacy of encouragement.
Encourage one another daily~Hebrews 3:13

I love this reminder sticker's cheerful message from the Song of Solomon:

I will be adding this mini poster to the fridge as a friendly reminder:

This scripture card showing a verse from 1 Peter 3:3-4 confirms the theme of this box. I plan on putting it in my wallet:

The double mirror compact has a beautiful pink faux leather covering. When I initially opened, I was pleasantly surprised to see the small words, "you are beautiful" painted on the bottom of the top mirror. What a great way to be reminded!

One of my very favorite gifts in the Loved+Blessed Beauty Box is the Prayer Journal. What a wonderful tool to help you write out your prayers, allowing you to go back and visit them every now and then.

The box also came with a theme card attached. On the very bottom of the card is small writing that says "Encouragement Delivered." I couldn't have said it any better myself!

Like many subscription boxes you can sign up for Loved+Blessed, online. The company offers many different subscription options such as month to month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Plans start at only $10 (plus $3 S&H). You can also save money if you opt for a multi-month subscription. The company even donates part of the proceeds for every shipped box to the Union Rescue Mission.

Each month will bring about a new theme. The one I received was Beauty, but past boxes have included Forgiveness, Love, Peace, and Joy. This is a inspirational subscription box that I would feel very motivated to subscribe to on a regular basis. Who doesn't need a little extra encouragement and joy from time to time? What's great is that you can also order a subscription membership as a gift for someone else. I know that I'd be personally thrilled to receive this as gift, and I'm even thinking of someone who would also love one.