Potty Training On the Go with the My Carry Potty

When it comes to development and life stages every child is different. Some children learn how to walk before their first birthday, others learn after–some learn their abc's right away, for others it may take a little longer. It's the same thing when it comes to potty training. Some kids take to it right away, while others ease into it little by little.

I first introduced my son to his potty when he was one. He took to it right away as a "seat," so the next step is getting him to do his business in it. We entered potty training with an even mix of motivation along with a laid back approach. After all, we want him to enjoy going in his potty. Causing any tension or anxiety might discourage him, and that's not going to help anyone in the long run. Offering encouragement in his potty training goals has helped. He enjoys letting us know when he's "went." You can see the sense of accomplishment on his little face, so I do feel that we're getting closer to the goal.

Potty training at home is a big accomplishment, then of course the next step will be to get him accustomed to being able to go when we are out and about. In all honestly, this might be more difficult for me than it will be for him. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a huge germaphobe! Public bathrooms always gross me out–of course when you have to go, you have to go. I actually cringe at the thought of having my son use a public restroom at his age. As an adult it is easy to be mindful of germs, but young children don't really understand the whole concept and love to touch everything. Then there are the occasional long restroom lines (women who are reading this will know exactly what I mean). Early potty trainers might not be able to hold it long enough while waiting on line. Yikes!

I had originally thought about taking my son's current potty along with us when we're out. There are a few loose parts like the seat and emptying bucket, so I was afraid that the content might not stay contained throughout our travels. I had hoped for another answer, so I started researching travel potties. That is when I came across the My Carry Potty.

 A Bit of History on the My Carry Potty:
Amanda Jenner, a mother of three, came up with the idea of My Carry Potty almost 15 years ago. When she was potty training her eldest, an embarrassing situation inspired the thinking behind this innovative new product. “My son would only ever use his own potty which meant taking it everywhere with me in a carrier bag - not very elegant or hygienic! One day, while I was out shopping in a busy high street he needed to go, and it was the disapproving looks as I disposed of the contents down the nearest drain that got me thinking there has to be something better than this. 15 years later I have what I believe is the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training”

With the My Carry Potty, you have three separate designs to choose from including a ladybug, a cow, and a bee. I opted for the bee, and I'm so glad that I did. The design is adorable, and my son really loves it. There's even little grippers on the bottom to keep the potty from moving around while in use.

 The Bee My Carry Potty offers an adorable unisex design!

Let me tell you, this travel potty has become the answer to my public potty training worries! My Carry Potty is perfect for on the go bathroom stops–it is lightweight and smaller in size than your traditional potty. Plus, it's set up like an actual carrying case with a handle. My Carry Potty almost resembles a larger lunchbox. It is extremely durable, made of thick, high quality plastic. There is a dial on the front that turns clockwise to open it and like magic, it is ready to use! Everything is in one piece, so there's no need to worry about extra liners, bags, or buckets to dump (saving money and time). Once your little one goes, you just close up the potty and take it along until you find a proper way to dispose of the waste.

Of course you may be wondering how that's possible. You see the My Carry Potty is leak and odor proof. Once you shut the lid, not only does it automatically lock, but there's a special seal that keeps everything inside. Upon initially receiving the potty, I actually had a difficult time opening it. That is how strong the seal is. I definitely don't mind a little resistance when opening it, since it's the seal that's actually holding all the contents inside.

Along with the travel potty, I also received a book, George & Holly and the Magic Carry Potties. The story is about a twin brother and sister who have just started potty training. Their mother takes them out to buy their first potty and big girl/boy pants. From there on, they must learn how to use their new potties. The book comes with a handy potty training chart and some stickers. Reading books on potty training and offering little rewards such as stickers are a nice incentive to help get your little ones more enticed to use their potty.

Even though this is a travel potty, you can still use it at home. Time is of the essence when a little one has to go. It's nice to have the potty nearby, so he or she can get to it in a hurry. A child can actually keep this potty right in the nearby vicinity where they are playing, even in the backyard. 

This is truly a travel potty in every aspect! 
Here's a size comparison of my son's regular potty verses his My Carry Potty.

I found that the My Carry Potty would also be perfect for traveling with small children who are already past potty training. Let's say you're on a long road trip, and there's quite some time between rest stops. Having this around will definitely come in handy for those moments when they really need to go.

I will be personally keeping this little bee in my car at all times, so we can be ready for any potty emergencies that may arise. Whether at home or on the go, My Carry Potty is one of those nifty inventions that you are going to want to have. I am so relieved that I now have a better option for my son to go when we are out and about. Plus, he'll feel like a big boy, since he can now carry around his own potty. With summer coming up, we're going to have a lot of outings. The My Carry Potty is the answer to our potty training worries while on the go.

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