Breath Deep and Enjoy: Renuzit Sensitive Scents Review + Giveaway {2 WINNERS}

I love trying out new scents in our home! I typically enjoy diffusing essentials oils since it is the most natural choice to go with. Once in a while, I do opt for other ways to add a little extra fragrance to the air.

Renuzit recently released a new line in their family of home fragrance products called Sensitive Scents. They're very similar to the original Renuzit products that a lot of us may already be familiar with, but these new Sensitive Scents are actually a more toned down version. This makes them perfect for those who may be extra sensitive to using typical air freshener products.

If you are prone to headaches or simply can't tolerate strong fragrances, then Renuzit Sensitive Scents might be just right for you. These products are specifically formulated and lab tested to perform without putting off an overpowering scent.

The new Renuzit Sensitive Scents come in three different options:

  • Adjustable Cones: Made with a biodegradable gel and perfect for small spaces (Available in three different scents–Pure Ocean Breeze, Pure White Pear & Lavender, and Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber)

  • Universal Scented Oils: A warming unity that plugs right into your electrical outlet (Available in two different scents–Pure Ocean Breeze and Pure White Pear & Lavender). 

  • Trigger Spray: A tough fabric spray that helps neutralize tough odors (Available in one scent–Pure White Pear & Lavender)

    I recently had the opportunity to personally try all three products in the new Sensitive Scents collection. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the results. Renuzit has successfully managed to offer beautiful soft fragrances to even the most sensitive of noses.

    The first product that I tried was the Universal Scented Oil in Pure Ocean Breeze. I've always been a fan of plug-ins, since they typically work really well and can be placed in inconspicuous areas of the home. I used my Universal Scented Oil Plug-In in the kitchen, and found that it offered a pleasantly faint scent that was still noticeable. It almost reminded me of a clean cotton aroma. My very favorite aspect of these particular plug-ins is that they can also fit in any Glade or Air Wick oil warming unit. So you have a few warmers from these brands, they can actually be used with the new Sensitive Scents Plug-Ins.

    The next product that I tried was the Adjustable Cone in Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber. I have always had a love/hate relationship with cones, because I tend to enjoy something with a little more power. Even though I placed the cone in a small bathroom area, I barely even noticed the scent. These particular cones are so light, I had to stick my nose up to it in order to get an idea of the scent. The Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber is very lovely, but in a cone form, I had a difficult time enjoying the aroma throughout the air. If you have a major sensitivity to even the lightest scent, then these just may be the thing for you.

    The third product that I tried was the Trigger Spray in Pure White Pear & Lavender. I've always been a fan of fabric sprays, but after having my son, I had to watch when and where I sprayed them, because of the various chemicals. I typically wait until he is napping in another room before I attempt to spray anything. That is why I really like this particular fabric spray so much. The strength of the fragrance was just right, not too faint, but not too strong, so it won't linger for a long time in the breathable air after spraying. The Pure White Pear & Lavender scent is also very pretty. I have always been a fan of both pear and lavender fragrances, so to have them combined into one scent was extra pleasing.

    These new Renuzit Sensitive Scents are perfect for those who can't easily tolerate strong scents. Even if you are not particularly sensitive, but prefer a more subtle approach to freshening up your home, these products just may be the answer. They're able to offer a pleasant aroma to the air, making your home more inviting without overpowering the area or your nose.
    Interested in trying the new Renuzit Sensitive Scents, yourself? 
    I am going to give Our Everyday Harvest readers the chance to win a coupon good for a FREE Renuzit Sensitive Scents product of their choice (Adjustable Cone, Trigger Spray, or Universal Scented Oil). Two winners will be chosen!

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