Welcoming Spring with Stories from Bug Garden by Lisa Moser {Book Review}

We're heading into spring next week, and in our neck of the woods, we can feel it peeking in every now and then with a warm day scattered among the cold ones. There's so many things to look forward to when the warm weather gets here, and right now we are getting ourselves fired up with fun children's books that offer a little taste of spring and summer. The latest collection in my son's library is the new Stories from Bug Garden by Lisa Moser.

The garden is old and forgotten, so the bugs move in one by one by one. Stories from Bug Garden is a collection of 13 prose poems and short stories about each of the bugs who lives in the garden. Join Ladybug, Horsefly, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bee, Roly-Poly, Big Ant, Little Ant, Cricket, Earthworm, Snail and Lightning Bug as they make friends and share adventures, and learn to call the garden Home.

Lisa Moser is the author of the early readers The Monster in the Backpack, Squirrel’s World, and Squirrel’s Fun Day as well as many picture books, including Kisses on the Wind. She was inspired by her grandma to become a writer. “My grandma and grandpa lived in Florida, and we would write letters every week. But on some golden days, some treasure days, I would go to the mailbox and find a story from my grandma. She’d write the stories, draw the pictures, and bind them up with bright yarn. Reading those stories, my own dream of becoming a children’s author began.” Lisa went on to attend the University of Iowa and graduated with a degree in elementary education. After getting married, she moved to Worthington, Ohio, where she happily taught reading, writing, and other subjects to fifth graders. Lisa is proud to say that she was never beaten in a footrace by any of her students, although she only raced them once. Wisely, she retired a champion. When Lisa and her husband moved to Wisconsin and had their daughter, Lydia, Lisa became a stay-at-home mom and pursued her childhood dream of writing.

My son is fascinated with nature–animals, insects, plants–he enjoys it all! When I saw that Candlewick Press was releasing Stories from Bug Garden, I knew it was going to be something he'd really enjoy. 

The book is a beautiful hardcover containing thirteen different short stories about the day to day lives of insects living in the bug garden. It starts off with an introduction about an abandoned garden and how it came to be a home for the bugs. Each story thereafter takes the reader through many fun activities that the bugs have throughout the day–the potato bug has a blast rolling down the hill, a mother ant and her baby grab a front row seat to the new flower blooms (reminiscent of Forth of July fireworks), and a cricket takes a ride back and forth on a swinging fence. These are just some of the adventures that you'll read about in Stories from Bug Garden.

Children will really enjoy the many magical aspects of this book while they see the garden coming to life. The stories are often humorous, and will make readers smile. The illustrations by Gwen Millward are full of beautiful colors. The garden has an almost whimsical feel, while the bugs have fun penciled in characteristics. 

Here's what author, Lisa Moser, had to say about her book:

Stories from Bug Garden is a tribute to all of those childhood memories. It’s a salute to playing outside, creating imaginary worlds, and then coming home. Home is where the porch light glows brightly, beckoning us in. Home is where love lives.

This couldn't be any more from the truth. A lot of the bugs in this book remind me of children playing, pretending, and just having an all out blast in the spring and summer months. Stories from Bug Garden is a wonderful way to welcome in the warmer months. It offers a fun and unique way to look at these little creatures (the bugs), while reminding children about all of the fun outdoor playtime activities that await them in the next coming months.

Stories from Bug Garden will officially be released on March 22, 2016. If interested, you can also preorder the book on Amazon.

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