3 Days of Children’s Stories by Bingbo: {Day 1} The Moving House

March is National Reading Month! There's no doubt that during this time of year you'll find a lot of extra reading activities and events in your local area. Of course it's no secret that here at our home, every day includes a reading adventure.

I've recently been introduced to the award winning children's author, Bingbo Zhao. My son and I have been reading quite a few of his books, lately, and I must say they're really good. To celebrate our exploration into the wonderful tales that we've been reading from this author, I have decided to put together a little series of reviews called "3 Days of Children's Stories by Bingbo." The first book that I wanted to share with everyone is called The Moving House.

The Moving House is a story that first and foremost aims to entertain, while also serving as a resource to assist children with the potentially traumatic experience of relocating house. This is a gentle story about a rather foolish squirrel that builds his new house on what he thinks is a large rock; but it turns out to be something quite different! Each morning as he wakes up, he finds that his house has mysteriously moved and he is puzzled. How can a house move? The squirrel quickly adapts to his foreign surroundings each day, that is, until he finds himself in danger. With delicate and charming illustrations, this book deals with the themes of belonging, resilience and friendship. The soft tone and wide perspective illustrations make the book useful for reading aloud to groups of pre-schoolers.

Award-winning Chinese author Bingbo has published more than 370 children’s stories, and has won over fifty awards for his work. These include, but are not limited to, the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature twice, the Soong Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award. His writing style is lyrical and delicate. His books are filled with beautiful language. Bingbo now teaches children’s literacy in China, and continues to write and publish his work.

This book was a lot of fun to read. In the story, we follow around a squirrel who is looking for a change of scenery, so he decides to move. He searches and searches for the perfect spot to build a new house with some misses along the way. He finally finds a place to build his new home and begins to settle in. Each and every morning after that, he wakes up only to find his house has magically moved to a different location. From the beach to the mountains, the squirrel tries to adapt to each new surrounding, but is still baffled by what is happening.

This is a soft-covered picture book with pretty colored illustrations by Huangying. My son delighted in looking at all of the drawings while we read together. As an adult, you'll kind of get a feel of where the story theme is heading, but young children will definitely be in for a little surprise treat at the end.

The Moving House is a cheerful children's story! Little ones will be excited to see where the squirrel will end up next. Another pattern that I've observed in Bingbo's writing is that there is always a life lesson to be learned. In this book, he touches up on a few things–the ability to accept change, creating a sense of belonging, and developing new friendships. We really enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend it for children everywhere!


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