3 Days of Children’s Stories by Bingbo: {Day 2} The Pear Violin

Yesterday, I started my series called "3 Days of Children's Stories by Bingbo" where I shared my review of The Moving House. Today I am back with another wonderful tale from this award winning author, titled The Pear Violin.

The Pear Violin is a whimsical story of a squirrel that creates a violin out of a large yellow pear and mesmerizes the whole forest with his beautiful music. The music the squirrel plays changes the dynamics of the forest. Soon the lion is no longer chasing the rabbit but asking it to stop and listen to the music with him; the fox becomes friends with the chicken; and all other animals gather together to listen to the music, putting their differences aside. Eventually, all the animals end up playing beautiful music on their own pear instruments. It details the magical power of music, friendship and community in a way that will engage and excite young readers.

Award-winning Chinese author Bingbo has published more than 370 children’s stories, and has won over fifty awards for his work. These include, but are not limited to, the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature twice, the Soong Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award. His writing style is lyrical and delicate. His books are filled with beautiful language. Bingbo now teaches children’s literacy in China, and continues to write and publish his work.

This would have to be my favorite of the three Bingbo books that my son and I have been reading (tomorrow I will be sharing my son's favorite). In this story, the main character is another squirrel, although not the same one from The Moving House. The squirrel finds a larger yellow pear sitting on the ground. He decides to dig right in, enjoying the sweet juiciness of the fruit. He suddenly realizes that the pear is way too large and he won't be able to eat the entire thing. He decides to make a violin out of the uneaten half. As he begins to play beautiful music with the pear viloin, the forest and it's creatures become enchanted by the melody. Animals being chased by their natural predators suddenly stop to listen to the tune being played. Before long all of the forest creatures gather together to engage in the beautiful music

I'd like to keep the rest of the story a surprise, because the ending is really good. I will add that the whimsical illustrations by Gumi are gorgeous and full of beautiful colors. My son really likes to point out the different animals, and there are plenty to see, both big and small.

The Pear Violin is a truly magical story! Children will be thrilled with the beautiful pictures throughout and engaged with what happens next. Bingbo also adds a moral to the story in this book. The theme is based on bringing creatures together with music, and in essence it's all about forging new friendships and coming together in unity.


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