3 Days of Children’s Stories by Bingbo: {Day 3} Two Unhappy Fish

I'm happy to be back with the third and final review in my "3 Days of Children’s Stories by Bingbo" series. In cased you've missed it, I'm sharing three children's books that we've been reading, written by the award winning author, Bingbo. All three books are wonderful and if you haven't read my first two reviews, The Moving House and The Pear Violin, then I definitely recommend you take a peek at them, especially if you have children who love to read. In my final installment of the series, I will be reviewing Two Unhappy Fish.

Two lonely fish hide separately in the coral reef, both believing they are the ugliest fish in the whole ocean. That is, until one day they come face to face and are each surprised by how beautiful the other is. From that day on, they no longer hide in the reefs but swim happily with all the other fish. A touching story highlighting how we are all different yet special in our own way. This is a touching story of how we are all different yet beautiful in our unique way. The seascape scenes are colorful and will hold the interest of preschoolers.

Award-winning Chinese author Bingbo has published more than 370 children’s stories, and has won over fifty awards for his work. These include, but are not limited to, the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature twice, the Soong Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award. His writing style is lyrical and delicate. His books are filled with beautiful language. Bingbo now teaches children’s literacy in China, and continues to write and publish his work.

I saved this one for last, because it seemed to be my son's favorite. He is such an animal lover, but I've noticed that he does take a particular liking to sea creatures. Perhaps he gets it from me (I was originally destined to be a marine biologist and although it never did quite happen, I am still crazy about the ocean and sea creatures). Lately, he's also been on this Nemo kick. Hey I can't complain, because I love the movie, too! When we received Two Unhappy Fish, it came to no surprise that this would be his favorite.

The story's main characters are two fish. Both are unaware of the other, but each one suffers from the same insecurities about their physical appearance. It's because of this that they won't go out into the public to mingle and make friends with the other fish. It just so happens fate had different plans for them, and a single incident leads them to their very first encounter. What they soon realize is that they are both beautiful in their own way, and they have nothing to hide from or be ashamed of.

The illustrations in this picture book include a beautiful collection of colorful fish. My little one had a lot of fun looking at the many different types of fish, along with their unique features. This has become one of those books that my son always hands to me. You know the kind–the book that they want you to read over and over again. Of course I have no qualms, because I think it's a great story!

As with the other two Bingbo books that we've recently read, this one also shares a valuable lesson. In Two Unhappy Fish, we learn about acceptance and how to embrace one another no matter how different someone may be. Children will also learn that beauty is more than what you simply see on the outside.

I am so pleased with the three Bingbo children's books that we've received. These books have become so cherished here, that I will be sure to include more of the author's other books in my son's collection.


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