A Mother's Unconditional Love: Will You Still Love Me, If . . . ? by Catherine Leblanc

When children are really young, they may not totally understand the meaning of unconditional love. There are times when they could possibly have a moment of insecurity or simply need a little reassurance. If this happens, a parent may receive unexpected questions like, "Will you stop loving me if do something wrong?" or "Will you end up loving someone more than me?" Will You Still Love Me if...? is a heartwarming children's book that dives right into this subject, head on.

An imaginative journey through a child's big questions about the nature of a mother's love. Little Bear is worried. Just how much does his mom love him? What if he does something really bad? What if something bad happens to her? But a mother's love is strong, and as Little Bear finds out, nothing can change that.

Catherine Leblanc is the author of many books for children including How to Demolish Dinosaurs and How to Mash Monsters. Eve Tharlet is the illustrator of the Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox books, A Promise Is a Promise, and Sharing Christmas.

Will You Still Love Me if...? is a beautiful picture book with colorful textured illustrations of a mother bear and her son. Little Bear has some worries about the strength of Mother Bear's love. If he does something wrong, will she stop loving him? If someone new comes along (like a new baby) will she love them more than she loves him? The story even touches up on some examples that you may not always find in other children's books, "What if something bad happens to you?" Each response that Mother Bear shares with her Little Bear is very endearing

This story takes a serious concern that many children may have, and turns it into a heartwarming reminder of a mother's love for her child. It's a wonderful book to have for those moments when your little one needs a little extra comfort and encouragement. Will You Still Love Me if...? is also perfect to have on hand for expected (or unexpected) occurrences such as the arrival of a new baby or other changes in family dynamics.

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