New Releases in the Adventure Bible Collection {Heroes of the Bible Treasury, Great Stories of the Bible, and Wild About the Bible Sticker and Activity Book}

The Adventure Bible series has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in our home these days. Our first introduction to it was with the Adventure Bible for Toddlers. Afterwards, we received our first book in the "I Can Read" collection that helped introduce my son to the prophet, Elijah. Lately, we've been also checking out a new set of Adventure Bible books, Great Stories of the Bible, Heroes of the Bible Treasury, and the Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book.

The Adventure Bible Bible Story Collection is a six book treasury of level 2 Adventure Bible I Can Read titles designed for newly independent readers and based on the Adventure Bible—the #1 Bible for kids! Read all about people in Bible times and their adventures in these well-known Bible stories.
The Adventure Bible Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book comes to life with puzzles, activity pages, and 50 reusable stickers in the new Wild About the Bible Sticker and Activity Book. Featuring Bible time heroes and their adventures, activities are fun and engaging and will entertain as well as teach young children about familiar stories in the Bible.

Born and raised in Michigan, David Miles spent his childhood sloshing through creek beds, climbing trees, and creating numerous baked goods. That spirit of adventure and curiosity often finds its way into his illustrations through quirky characters and hidden surprises. After spending a decade in Philadelphia and New York pursuing his artistic dreams, David has moved back to the familiar surroundings of Michigan. Now, when he's not drawing and painting he still enjoys a good romp through the woods.

Even though he is still quite young, I enjoy reading my son the Level 2 "I Can Read" books. They're easy to follow along to and include a more engaging story line. Great Stories of the Bible and Heroes of the Bible Treasury are actually a collection of the current Adventure Bible "I Can Read" stories that have already been released. Each book contains six previously published books in the Adventure Bible series.

  • Noah’s Voyage
  • Joseph the Dreamer
  • Moses Leads the People
  • Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet
  • Brave Queen Esther
  • Paul Meets Jesus

  • God’s Great Creation
  • Facing the Blazing Furnace (About King Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel)
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • A Father’s Love (Jesus' story about the father and his two sons)
  • The Good Samaritan


I've found that these books are a great way to bring Bible stories to life for your child. Plus, the illustrations are fantastic! There is so much color and detail in each drawing. Every story is also told in easy to read text, perfect for beginning readers. As children read along, they'll be introduced to some of the most popular events and people in the Bible. The awesome part about these treasury books is that they each contain six stories. There's no need to gather a bunch of books to read when you already have several in one. 


Next, we got to experience the new Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book!

If there is anything that I like more than an activity book for children, it's one that teaches about Bible stories. This is the best of both worlds–fun learning activities that also explore Christianity, helping to really engage little ones. In the back of the book you'll find 50 reusable stickers. Some of them can also be used to complete certain activities throughout the book. From crossword puzzles, to connect the dots, to search and find activities, this book has a lot of fun tasks to keep kids busy. The best part is there's something for a variety of different age groups.

One of the most noteworthy pages that I saw was a task relating to the Good Samaritan story. It shows a picture of the man that was robbed and left for dead. The activity asks children to pretend that they're in the good Samaritan's place and draw themselves in the picture, showing what they would do if they were in this scenario. I also really enjoy how the Wild About the Bible Sticker and Activity Book actually connects with the stories in the Adventure Bible collection, so after your child reads the books, he or she can follow up with the many activities relating to each one.

I am so happy that Zonderkidz released these new books in the Adventure Bible series. After reading Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet, I had been meaning to order more for my son. With the new treasury collection, we now have a perfect set of twelve Bible stories all wrapped up into two books, plus a neat activity book to go along with them.