Safe Sleep Through All Seasons: Love To Dream Sleep Bags {Nuzzlin and Inventa} #Review

I remembering purchasing a few sleep sacks when I was pregnant with my son. I never realized how handy they were going to be until I started putting them on him before bedtime. You see, I was so afraid to use blankets, because of all the warnings that I received about the multiple risks. At the same time, we live in Upstate NY, and I wasn't convinced that only a warm layer of pajamas was going to do the trick. The sleep sacks were a Godsend–they kept him warm without the risk of overheating and they gave me peace of mind.

It's been a while since my son has slept in a sleep sack. He actually outgrew the ones we had previously used. Now he is old enough to sleep with a regular blanket and I'm comfortable with that. The funny thing is, he is constantly kicking off his blankets even on the coldest of nights. While we do have heat, that doesn't mean there still won't be a chill in the air. Even in the summertime, we may have the central air blowing at night. No matter the season, I find myself making quite a few trips to his room in the middle of the night in order to cover him back up. Of course, those blankets are soon kicked off again. I'm the complete opposite–even on a warm night, I still need to have a blanket. My husband on the other hand kicks all of his's obvious where my little one gets this trait.

I recently came across the Love to Dream brand, and was surprised that they make actual sleep bags (sleep sacks) not just for infants, but for toddlers, too. When I was recently given the opportunity to try both the Inventa and Nuzzlin Sleep Bags from Love to Dream, I couldn't say "no." While it had been a while since he's worn a sleep bag, I couldn't wait to put both to use.

The Inventa and Nuzzlin Sleep Bags are slightly different from each other, so I will go into a bit of detail about each one separately.

The Inventa Sleep Bag was the first one that I put on my son. I received the lemon color (it also comes in blue and pink), which has gray and white stripes with a section of yellow circles. The colors complement each other very well, making it a nice neutral choice. When we received it, the weather was still cold and this one seemed like the thicker of the two. The first thing that I noticed was the overall high quality of this sleep bag. The bag, itself is made out of 100% natural breathable cotton, and you can just feel the softness throughout, which is very reminiscent of a high end t-shirt. My little one is an active sleeper. He moves around quite a lot throughout the night. I think he actually gets that particular trait from me, since I'm the same way. The fabric of the Inventa is made to accommodate 360 degree stretching, which basically means it flexes and is extra roomy, allowing for better sleep comfort and movement.


Along with the amazingly soft fabric comes a slew of various features on this particular sleep bag. There is an actual zippered mesh sleep vent included. The vent functions as a means to cool down your little one if he or she gets too warm, by allowing proper air flow. Even if your child is sleeping, easy access to the vent through the zipper allows for minimal chances of waking him or her up.


Another neat thing about the Inventa Sleep Bag is that you can use it for stroller and vehicle travels. The middle has a snap together slot that can be opened in order to utilize the five-point harness system. I received the 12-36 month size, but it also comes in 4-12 months. Since babies and toddlers often vary in body sizes, the bag also has this awesome design called the "Longa Shorta." Basically there are studs at the bottom of the bag to allow for proper length adjustment, so you can make it longer or shorter as you see fit. This is great, because the Inventa can actually grow with your child, saving you the cost of having to purchase multiple sizes. 


The Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is the next one we tried out. If you are looking for a good lightweight summer sleep sack, then this is the one to get. Love to Dream likes to call this the "New Generation Muslin." If you've ever used a muslin then you probably already know what that means. The fabric consists of 100% knitted cotton. It is so gentle, light, and airy, almost like a second skin. At the same time it stretches and is extremely roomy allowing for a more comfortable sleep. The breathable design also allows for adequate body temperature regulation, perfect for those warmer nights.


We received the 18-36 month size, but the Nuzzlin also comes in 4-12 and 12-18 month sizes. I decided to go with the Aqua since it was perfect for a boy. Plus, who could resist the adorable hedgehog design on the front!? You also have a choice of white and pink, each with their own unique picture design on the front.


Both the Inventa and the Nuzzlin offer snaps at the shoulders for easy dressing, as well as extra long dual zippers (top and bottom) for convenient diaper changes. Each one also has flaps at the bottom and top in order to hide the zipper latch away, so little ones won't get tempted to play with it.


Besides a variety of colors and styles, both the Inventa and Nuzzlin come is several different TOG's. A TOG is basically a measurement of thermal resistance. Pretty much in layman's terms, it's the different measurements that represent the thickness of a cloth. The Inventa comes in 2.5 TOG, 1.0 TOG, and 0.5 TOG. We are currently using the 0.5 TOG Inventa, which is the thinnest version of this type of sleep bag. The Nuzzlin comes in 2.5 TOG, 1.0 TOG, and 0.2 TOG. We personally received the 0.2, which is the most lightweight of both sleep bags. On each package there's even a handy size & clothing guide. One area shows the actual recommended clothing choice and sleep bag TOG to use during certain temperatures.

The Love to Dream brand has several sleep bag and swaddling solutions for both infants and toddlers. I wish I would have learned about this brand sooner–when my little guy was a newborn, I would have loved to try their SwaddleUp. All in all, I'm really liking these sleep bags. They are particularly helpful to have when your child is still an infant, and blankets aren't recommended for use.

After trying both the Inventa and Nuzzlin, it is honestly difficult to make up my mind on which one I like better. Each bag has their own set of special features, which makes them both extremely convenient to have. If you have a child under 36 months, then I definitely recommend investing in a sleep bag. They're pretty awesome and at the top of my list of favorite baby products.