Guided Prayers for Every Situation: Max Lucado's Pocket Prayers #BlogTour


Praying can include lengthy talks with God or short and sweet chit-chats. I personally believe it doesn't always need to be a long recited speech. It's all about coming to God throughout your day to have a heart to heart. We don't have to be elaborate speakers to get the point across–we can just casually talk to Him. After all, he already knows what's in our hearts (what an awesome thing!). Of course, once in a while we may need a little inspiration or insight on what to to say, that's when prayer books can come in handy. In the past, I have mentioned some pretty awesome prayer books. Today, I am happy to be sharing the Pocket Prayers series by Max Lucado, which offers not just one, but six amazing books of prayer!

Bestselling author Max Lucado has teamed up with six authors to write the Pocket Prayers series for those in need of peace, renewal, rest, faith, hope, joy, direction, serenity, and courage. Short, simple prayers are very effective, which is why each book in the series contains forty guided prayers and complementary scriptures for any situation.

More than 120 million readers have found inspiration and encouragement in the writings of Max Lucado. He lives with his wife, Denalyn, and their mischievous mutt, Andy, in San Antonio, Texas, where he serves the people of Oak Hills Church.

As you can imagine from the title, these books are smaller in size and very lightweight. This makes them quite portable, perfect for those who may need a little prayer inspiration in their life no matter where they are. Each book contains forty short, easy to read prayers, along with a Bible verse for each one.

What sets Pocket Prayers apart from other prayer books is that each one in the series offers a different focus, catering to those in certain situations:

Each book is set up with several different sections to organize the variety of prayer themes, for example the graduate book has sections such as "Prayers for Strength and Conviction" and "Prayers for my Work and Career," while the teacher book will have "Prayers for Love and Patience" and "Prayers for Integrity and Grace." I really like this aspect, because it makes things quite convenient. You can just turn to that topic if you're solely seeking prayer inspiration in one particular area of life. My only wish is that the author would have added a table of contents in the beginning of each book to show what page each section begins on. They are all sort of scattered throughout, so you have to flip around a bit in order to find them.

Although some of the books in the series didn't pertain to me personally (for example, military, teacher), I decided to read them all. I really wanted to get the full experience of each one. They're all equally amazing. Of course Pocket Prayers for Moms is my favorite for obvious reasons. As a mother, you can never recite enough prayers for your family and yourself. Some of these are really powerful and can be totally tied into my own life.

I also really liked Pocket Prayers for Dads. I decided to immediately gift this one to my husband, because I think he will really enjoy it. Pocket Prayers for Military Life would have been another nice one for him, however since he's no longer active duty, I have decided to keep this one for later gifting. I am sure God will lead us to someone who might need this someday. Pocket Prayers for Friends would make a wonderful gift to any friend, and I can think of a few.


I will be holding onto Pocket Prayers for Graduates and plan on gifting this to my son when he gets older. Since he is still quite young and hasn't started school, I will also hold onto the Pocket Prayers for Teachers. I know it would be wonderful to gift this book to one of his educators in the future. At the same time, we're leaning strongly towards homeschooling, so this just may come in handy in our own home.

  • Birthdays
  • Birth of a New Child/Baby Shower/New Parents
  • New Job
  • Just to Say "I Care"
  • Military Appreciation Month (May)
  • National Teacher Appreciation Week (First Week in May)
  • National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 3, 2016)
  • Mother's Day (May 8, 2016)
  • Memorial Day (May 30, 2016)
  • Best Friend Day (June 8, 2016)
  • Father's Day (June 19, 2016)
  • Graduation (May/June)
  • International Day of Friendship (July 30, 2016)

I am such a fan of Max Lucado's work, and these six books are no exception to that. I would love to see him collaborate with more authors in the future in order to create additional books in this series, perhaps several for children, or those with specific hobbies or various lines of work. I think everyone should have a pocket prayer book that they can turn to for a little extra comfort and encouragement, no matter what stage of life they're in.