Really Woolly Good Night, God by Bonnie Rickner Jensen {Review and Giveaway}

Are you familiar with the Really Woolly Brand? To be honest, I've personally hadn't heard of it until I received a precious new book called Really Woolly Good Night, God. Apparently, I have been missing out, because after a bit of research I discovered that Really Woolly is a very popular family of cartoon sheep characters. I was surprised to see that there were also quite a few additional children's book in the series. Upon browsing their website, I even found these free printable coloring sheets, complete with cute characters and Bible scripture.

Really Woolly Good Night, God brings together simple, childlike bedtime prayers and art from the beloved Really Woolly® brand (more than 850,000 books sold) to help your little ones drift off to sweet and secure sleep. A padded board book featuring the Really Woolly® characters gives children examples of how to pray to God. Little ones will love the Really Woolly® illustrations, comforting rhyme, and Scripture verses that show how much God loves and cares for them. Prayer starters encourage children preschool and toddler age to talk to God. Really Woolly Good Night, God is a sweet way to introduce children to a lifelong relationship with God through prayer.

Bonnie Rickner Jensen has been encouraging hearts around the world for over twenty years. Along with her career in greeting cards she's written bestselling and award-winning books for children. Her favorite inspirations are her grandchildren, running, and sunshine. She lives and works from her home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Really Woolly Good Night, God is a thick padded board book that's adorable in every sense of the word. The book sort of reminds me of a simple bedtime devotional for little ones. It contains pages upon pages of heartwarming devotions/poems with rhyming prose. Along with each poem is a scripture verse and a small "Good Night, God" prayer to recite, bringing everything together.

For instance, there is one devotion called "God Protects You" that starts with scripture from Psalm 121:3, He who guards you never sleeps.

A safe place to run to,
A safe place to hide;
Dream of a tower
With God's love inside...
Where you are protected
All day and all night.
Not for a moment
Away from God's sight.

Good Night, God (prayer)
Thank you for keeping me safe and loved.

Of course no children's board book would be complete without pictures. Illustrator, Donna Chapman, includes precious drawings of the Really Woolly characters (sheep, ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, etc.) all in beautiful pastel colors. 

Even though this may be considered a nighttime book, there are plenty of pages that could pertain to basically anytime of the day. The real key to each poem is that it emphasizes all of the reasons why God is so good. From protecting us, to making us strong, to forgiving and providing for us, Really Woolly Good Night, God will remind little ones why we should be so thankful for Him.
I am also happy to announce that I'm giving away a copy of the Really Woolly Good Night, God board book, full of sweet poems and prayers!

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