Children's Book Review: My Toddler Bible by Juliet David #BlogTour

I have been recently discussing a lot of the latest Bible releases. So far in the month of May, we've covered some pretty great teen Bibles, adult Bibles, and even devotional combos for the entire family. Of course, as a toddler mom I can't forget to leave some room for a Bible that is made especially for little ones. Today I want to share a sweet Bible that my son and I have been reading together called the My Toddler Bible.

Fans of Chris Embleton-Hall's cheerfully distinctive artwork will be eager to see this new Bible! Twenty stories--nine from the Old Testament and eleven from the New--are retold in a concise and friendly manner in a rounded, easy-to-read font. Very, very bright, and very, very fun!


Juliet David has written many children's stories and Bible activity books. Her other interests include painting, music, and travel to Israel and other Bible lands. This experienced author lives in London with her family.

Children's ministry is really important. The earlier you can start teaching your little ones about the word of God, the better. As a mother, I try to encourage my son to spend time with the Lord each and every day even if it means reading board books about Jesus. In doing so, I hope that he will continue to maintain a strong relationship with God as he gets older. That is why books like the My Toddler Bible are great, because they teach even the youngest of children important stories in biblical history. 

Throughout the book, you'll find nine stories from the Old Testament and eleven stories from the New Testament. Children will learn about Noah and His Great Ark, Daniel and the Lions, The Loving Father, and even how Jesus Lives! There is also a table of contents for both sections, so they can flip to the stories they want to read. To keep things focused and not too graphic for young ones, each story offers a short and sweet, summarized version. The text is also written in a nice size font with simple dialect–all excellent characteristics for a toddler Bible.

No children's book would be complete without some pretty awesome illustrations. Chris Embleton-Hall who is the illustrator of the My Toddler Bible did a wonderful job in this department. Not only are the pictures absolutely adorable, but he sure has a way with colors and textures to help make the story come alive for young children.

We've been reading the My Toddler Bible for a few weeks now and really enjoy it. My son likes flipping around to view the pictures, and we both have fun reading the stories together. Each story offers a more toned down adaptation for his age group, but at the same time they don't stray from the main point. If you have young children in your life and are looking for a way to introduce Bible stories and the Word of God to them, then I highly recommend giving them the My Toddler Bible.