"5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories" for Children

If you've been reading my blog even for just a little while, you have probably already guessed that I enjoy reading Bible stories to my son. Sometimes our days get so busy, but even on the busiest ones, I think it's so important to find some time for the Lord. We've been reading the new 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories, and let me tell you this is such a nice book to have for the little ones. Even if you only have a few minutes out of your day, you'll child will still be able to read/hear a special story from the Bible.

These brief Bible stories allow parents to spend precious time with their little ones before bedtime, naps, or meals. With their to-the-point wording and calming artwork, the 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories is a great option for parents who look for ways to integrate the Bible into their busy schedules. This affordable 208-page book offers a lot of content for a great price, and the five-minute format will be a hit with parents and children alike. Short stories and gentle, colorful illustrations make this a great Bible and a quick story for little ones and parents before bedtime.

It is sometimes difficult to tell what a book is going to look like just by seeing it on the internet, but when this one arrived on my doorstep, let's just say I wasn't disappointed. It is a thick, rather larger sized book. Of course when you're talking Bible stories, there are plenty of them to tell, so anything smaller even for a five minute collection wouldn't seem right.

Each Bible story is retold by Charlotte Thoroe and is done so in a way that's easier for younger children to follow along to. The print is also larger. Both of these aspects offer a more kid-friendly reading experience whether you're reading the stories to your child or he/she is reading it themselves. The graphics are pretty awesome, full of life and color as every story is told. The book begins with the Old Testament and follows through to the New Testament. Each Testament begins with a cover page and there's even a table of contents in the beginning of the book that lets you see the stories throughout and their page numbers. From the Story of Creation to Jesus' Resurrection, it's all in this book.

The title, 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories, is quite appropriate since each story is told in a simple manner with only a few pages. The larger text also helps move things along so you can get your little sweetie to bed. Each story is set up like a mini devotion with an afterthought/question, a small prayer, and even a scripture verse. That's not all, in the back of the book there are a few added feature pages, including The Lord's Prayer, The Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, a listing of all the books in the Bible, and words to Anna B Warner's Jesus Loves Me.

When it comes to my own child learning the Bible, I never want to have him rush things. Even on the busiest of days, it nice to be able to share stories from the best book on Earth with our little ones. That is where 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories comes in. You get an age-appropriate translation of some of the Bible's most popular stories written in a way that is short and sweet, perfect for bedtime.