Patching Boo-Boos on the Go With the Me4Kidz Little Dudes Cut + Scrape Kit #Review

Upstate New York weather can be rather finicky. Recently, we've had temperatures range from 40 to 80 degrees all in the same week. It was a roller coaster of weather patterns for a while there, but I think it's safe to say the warmer temperatures are finally here to stay (at least for the season).

Now that the weather is so much nicer, pools are opening, the gardens are growing, and we've personally been spending a lot of quality time outside. Of course extra outdoor playtime comes with the risk of a occasional cut or scrape. Boo–boos, ouchies, or owies, no matter how you say it, the unfortunate truth is that they're bound to happen from time to time. That's why it's important to have some reinforcements nearby.
I've recently been introduced to a company called Me4Kidz. Their motto is "Clean it, Fix it & Back to Play." If you haven't already guessed, the company makes various first-aid products and kits specifically made for children. They're a family owned business, with primary operations in the United States.

A few more facts on Me4Kidz:
  • They donate their products to multiple children's fundraisers and organizations in order to help those who may not be able to afford first-aid supplies.
  • The environment is of great importance to them, so they make sure to use recycled, lead-free plastic in their products.
  • They partner with several non-profit organizations to provide employment opportunities to those with disabilities.

I can also appreciate that they quoted one of my favorite Bible verses on their website:

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.–Philippians 4:13

To get a feel for the products that Me4Kidz offers, we've been checking out their Little Dudes Cut + Scrape Kit. This product is pretty simple, but has the basics on what you'll need to heal superficial wounds.

The kit includes:
  • 24 Adhesive Bandages
  • 4 Antiseptic Wipes
  • 4 Stickers

The bandages are pretty neat and completely kid-friendly. Each one is latex free and sports a funny cartoon character that's sure to put a smile on any child's face. If that doesn't do the trick, there are the fun stickers that are also decorated with those very same cartoon characters. I can totally appreciate this little addition. A lot of children love stickers, so adding them to a first-aid kit is pretty clever. Of course, I can forget to mention the antiseptic wipes (0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride). You can't cover up a cut or scrape without cleaning it first. The wipes come individually packed and are completely sting free, perfect for little ones.

If I had to make any changes to this product, it would be the packaging. Everything is packed in a small traditional bandage box made of thin cardboard. I think it would be nice to have a sturdy plastic case that wouldn't get crushed while in transit. Also, I would have liked to see additional antiseptic wipes and perhaps a few more stickers included. There are twenty-four bandages, but only four stickers and antiseptic wipes. While stickers are not a necessity, they sort of add a little something extra to this kit. The wipes to me are a necessity when quickly patching up a wound on the go. I would have definitely hoped for more than four of each of these items.

All in all, this is a handy little kit. When it comes to being prepared for summer outings, I do have a tendency to go a bit overboard. I have this "just in case" mentality, so I pretty much pack everything, but the kitchen sink in my on-the-go bag (sunscreen, bug spray, wipes, lotion, a hat, snacks, extra cloths, etc.). You name it, it's in there! While I would prefer to keep a full-on first-aid kit with the works nearby, this Me4Kidz Little Dudes Cut + Scrape Kit is still a nifty product to have on hand and will be a nice addition to our summer outing bag.