I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith

We recently read a new book by Donna Keith called I Love You Just Because that teaches little ones a lesson in unconditional love and acceptance. As a mother, I don't need a special moment to show my son love–that just comes naturally. This book offers a sweet reminder that love can happen just because. 

The third book in this adorable series, I Love You Just Because is the perfect way to show kids that their parents love them just because. Through adorable, cuddly art and fun rhyming text, I Love You Just Because will help little ones understand their parents' love for them and that it doesn't have to be earned.

Donna Keith, a former English teacher, began writing stories for her grandchildren after the birth of her fourth grandchild. Her daughter Audrey's interracial family served as the inspiration for I Love You All the Same. Donna and her husband, Lee, live in Kansas City, Missouri.

I Love You Just Because is a padded board book with precious illustrations depicting an adorable bear family as they go about their days. Each two page spread even includes a scripture verse from the Bible that correlates with the story's text. You have mama bear and papa bear who are brown bears and their three cubs, one who is also a brown bear, one who is a panda bear, and one who is a polar bear. Although it is not exactly mentioned, there is the notion that both the polar bear and panda bear are not born from mama and papa bear. Perhaps they were adopted, however it's not 100% clear. At the same time, that doesn't stop both mama and papa from loving all three of their little cubs just the same. It doesn't matter what they can do or what they look like, they are loved unconditionally.

I originally thought this was a story was about adoption after reading it, but there is a notation on the back cover mentioning that the author's oldest daughter is an interracial family, which inspired her to write this book. No matter what type of family you are a part of or how it came to be, I Love You Just Because is a sweet children's story that offers a wonderful reminder that love doesn't have to come with one particular reason. It could be for many things, or simply just because our children are a true gift from God.