Upcoming Picture Book Releases from Bingbo Zhao {Little Bear's Sunshine and The Busy Tailor Crab}

Back in March of this year I was introduced to the works of an amazing children's author, Bingbo Zhao. He is the creator of several award winning pictures books, including The Pear Violin and Two Unhappy Fish. With a little one in the house we have our fair share of picture books. What I like about Bingbo's style of writing is that he always offers a moral to the story–so not only does my child get to flip through many beautiful illustrations, but he also has the opportunity to learn a very important educational and/or life lesson. I've personally read a total of five different books from this author, and this has held true each and every time. We've been getting a sneak peek of his newest upcoming releases, and I'm happy to be sharing them with you today.

Chinese author Bingbo has published hundreds of children's stories, winning over fifty awards for his work. These include the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children's Literature, the Soong Ching Ling Children's Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children's Literature Award. Gumi was born and raised in Chongqing, China. Since graduating from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, she has worked in advertising and illustration design.

The first book that I want to share is called Little Bear's Sunshine:

Little Bear loves the sunlight that shines in through his windows and considers it his very own special sunshine. But when it is time for him to hibernate for winter and he forgets to close his curtains, Little Bear tosses and turns until the arrival of an unusual visitor helps him to sleep soundly. A beautifully illustrated and adorable tale of a little bear, hibernation, sunshine, and shadows by Bingbo, the multi-award-winning author of hundreds stories for children.

In this story we follow our main character who is a little brown bear living in a tree. His most beloved moments of the day are when the sun shines brightly into his window. Not only does it offer him a sweet wake-up call, but he enjoys basking in it, and even uses it to dry out his nuts and fruits for winter. Because it shines right into his home, he considers it his "very own sunshine." When the colder months com around the bear gets ready for hibernation, but forgets to close the curtains, making it difficult for him to fall into a deep sleep. Luckily with a little help from friends outside and an unlikely creation, little bear will be hibernating in no time.

The illustrations done by Jiwei Qian and Daqing are bright and cheerful, which are perfect given the whole sunshine theme. The story offers a few educational lessons for children, such as distinguishing the difference between day and night, as well as the many seasons, along with changes that they bring each year.

The second book that I'd like to share is The Busy Tailor Crab:

A tailor crab has a thriving business stitching clothes for the other animals until the day he sews pants for a caterpillar and has an idea. To make more money he'll charge a flat fee of $10 per shirt, no matter its size, and $5 for each leg of pants. After spending a week to make a giant shirt for an elephant and then receiving no money for the legless pants he makes a boa constrictor, he realizes his error and discovers the value of fairness, good customers, and friends.

Mr. Crab is a tailor who makes clothes for all the creatures in town. When he spends a significant amount of time and effort on a pair of pants for a caterpillar, he devises a plan to earn extra profits from certain customers by charging a new rate–a flat fee for any size shirt and $5.00 per pants leg. Loyal customers like Mr. Centipede can't afford $5.00 a leg and express their concerns, but the Tailor Crab doesn't feel that it is his problem. It isn't until he takes on two new large, labor intensive jobs that he realizes his new pricing plan might not have been such a good idea after all.

The illustrations by Gumi are colorful and fun. Children will get a kick out of seeing this little crab make clothes for even the largest of creatures. There's also a a few educational lessons about sizes, numbers, and currency added to the mix. Most importantly, the story brings a thoughtful message about the value of being fair and making new friends.

Both The Busy Tailor Crab and Little Bear's Sunshine are set to be released in Fall 2016. They're hardcover titles written for the 5-7 age group, and would be perfect for extracurricular back-to-school reading. If you are looking for a beautiful children's picture book that also shares an enlightening message, I definitely recommend picking up one or both of these books when they do become available. 

Both The Busy Tailor Crab and Little Bear's Sunshine are available for pre-order on Amazon

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