It's a Slam Dunk for The Dunk Collection: A Basketball Aficionado's Answer to Tidying Up #Review

Here's a fun fact about me and my family–both my husband and I were basketball players when we were younger. My personal experience involved only a short stint in elementary school, while my husband played from childhood all the way up through highschool. In a recent discussion we were talking about the likelihood of our son wanting to join a sports team when gets a little older. Hubby likes the idea of having him join a Pee Wee hockey league, while my personal sports preferences would be either baseball and/ guessed it, basketball.

We then got to talking about some of the fun "blast from the past" products from our childhood, including those basketball hoops that are actually laundry hampers. Needless to say the next thing out of his mouth was, "Wouldn't it be cool to have one of those?" I honestly didn't even know if they still existed, although I never took the time to do my research. The crazy thing is, two weeks later I was in touch with a company called The Dunk Collection.

Can you guess what their specialty product is?

You got it–a basketball laundry basket! The Dunk Collection actually has a product that is fittingly called a Dirty Dunk.

The Dirty Dunk™ was created in 1987 by 24 year-old Charlie McKinney and was the original and first product of its kind in the basketball laundry category. The Dirty Dunk™ took the country by storm in the late ‘80s with sales of over $5 million after only two years on the market and was sold by the majority of national retailers. Charlie is the father of The Dunk Collection™ founder/entrepreneur Marshall McKinney.

The Dunk Collection™ is bringing back the original hit products, reimagined for the 21st century with new graphics and improved quality. Marshall McKinney president and founder of The Dunk Collection is a 2015 graduate of University of Arizona and is determined to make The Dunk Collection™ a leader in the rapidly expanding ecommerce marketplace.

Getting a child involved in cleaning up can be a chore in itself. My own son is still quite young, but we are in the process of teaching him ways to help mommy and daddy pick up around the house (particularly his books and toys). I found that the best way for younger children to partake in cleaning up is by making it fun. Dealing with laundry isn't a walk in the park, but making it a game by shooting some dirty shirts and socks in the hamper can make it lots of fun. It's even better when the hamper looks like an actual basketball hoop. How can you not have a blast with that?!

I added a few larger size sheets so you can see how well things fit and how strong the netting is.
Notice the SU hat...go Cuse!

That's what the Dirty Dunk is all about–allowing kids the chance to keep their rooms neat and tidy while adding a little entertainment in the mix. The set up is super easy and it hangs right over the door (no holes to drill). There are even foam covers on the inside of the hooks to protect the finish of your door. I was actually very pleased with the backboard, which seems to be very sturdy. The hoop rim is metal and measures at a foot diameter, making it perfect for larger items. The netting is a whopping forty-five inches long, which also offers plenty of room for dirty laundry items. There's even a drawstring that locks in place at the bottom in order to keep the clothes in, and easily releases when it comes time to wash them. I did accidentally pull the string completely off when initially setting up The Dirty Dunk, so I had a bit of a moment trying to figure out how it went back on. Good news is, I did eventually figure it out.

The Dirty Dunk is a pretty clever invention and even brought back some memories from when I was a kid. It really is a full-on basketball hoop for your laundry. Sure you can have a regular hamper, but why not make it fun for the kids? Did I forget to mention that it also saves floor space? This product is not only great for younger children, but also for teens, college students who stay in a dorm, and even adults who are simply just young at heart.


The Dunk Collection is about family fun and having its products in every bedroom, dorm room, office and bathroom in America. We connect authentic basketball inspired products to sports minded families seeking exciting and entertaining ways to combat the mundane chores of laundry, trash and bathing. We define our premium experience through our products, our presentation, our customer service and our extraordinary people

Not only does The Dunk Collection have the Dirty Dunk, but they also offer other products such as the new Document Dunk. This thing is pretty cool and a must if you want to add a little fun to your home or work office. Where the Dirty Dunk is used for laundry, the Document Dunk offers the same premise, but it's for your paper garbage. Who hasn't crumpled up a piece of paper and tried to score a set-shot into the wastebasket? I know in my home we sometimes like to make a game of it.

The Document Dunk comes complete with a fully netted seven inch diameter basketball hoop and a miniature wooden basketball court, making it compact even for the smallest of office spaces. The pole comes in two pieces and reaches a maximum high of twenty-three inches, so it can even fit an executive size wastebasket (not included).

 We even had some fun using my son's Little Tikes Basketball to shoot a few hoops in the Document Dunk. It's the perfect size! 

I actually really like this Document Dunk and plan to keep it in my home office. Down the line when my son gets his own little office area (AKA homework space), I will be sure to pass the fun down to him.

Both the Dirty Dunk and the Document Dunk are pretty cool and we've been enjoying both of them. Each product that the company offers would make a great gift for just about any age and offers an entertaining way to tidy up. If you have any basketball fans in your life, then you'll want to consider surprising them with one of these neat products from The Dunk Collection.