The Roadman Boogie by Nikki Slade Robinson

As a mom to a little boy, we have our fair share of toy cars and trucks lying around. My son loves driving them up and down the hall seeing who will win the "race." When it comes to books, he also enjoys flipping through various "vehicle" themed stories, such as Little Blue Truck, Red Truck, and our newest one, The Roadman Boogie.

The Roadman Boogie is a delightful and true story of a bored Roadman who found a way to entertain himself with dance on a wet and blustery day. The Roadman has some great dance moves and his happiness and enthusiasm is infectious as he jumps around listening to the various beats blaring from car to car. Children will be enthralled as they see him dancing the rhumba and salsa, wiggling his bottom to a tune, and finding a way to keep drivers happy in a soggy situation. The gorgeous rhyming text is also a joy to read!

Nikki Slade Robinson has been an illustrator and author for many years. She was based in Wellington, New Zealand, for 13 years where she studied a Diploma in Visual Communications Design at Wellington Polytechnic. She loves drawing for children and has illustrated over sixty children’s books and readers before turning to writing her own stories. She now has written eight of her own books. Her latest book, The Roadman Boogie, is inspired by seeing a real roadworker in Wellington dancing as he directed the traffic.

Okay, so The Roadman Boogie is not necessarily about cars, trucks, or trains, but it does fit into the overall theme and that is why my little one likes it so much. I can imagine that standing in the road, directing traffic in the middle of the rain all day would be the complete opposite of fun. The roadman in this story can attest to that and lives by that old "make lemonade out of lemons" phrase. Once he hears music coming out of a passing car, he decides to take circumstances in his own hands by dancing his boredom away. Soon after he's got the entire line of traffic partaking in the "Roadman Boogie." The illustrations are neat and include a mix of various pencil colors, backgrounds that resemble crumbled paper, and even what appears to be photos of real toy traffic cones.

The Roadman Boogie is a fun story that will be sure to put a smile on any child's face and they'll also enjoy the ending, too. Caution...after reading this book, it'll be difficult not to think about it whenever you or your kids see someone directing traffic. With all of the roadman's different moves and grooves, children can even receive a mini-lesson on various types of choreography.

The Roadman Boogie is set to release in October 2016, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon: