Tips on Preparing for the Potty Training Journey

Summer is a great time to potty train and did you know that June is actually Potty Training Awareness Month? Even the Farmer's Almanac has a schedule of best dates to start potty training. Who would have thought?!

In recent posts, some may remember my mention of our own our potty training journey. For those who may not know, our approach is to use motivation with a minimal amount pressure. I'm looking forward to seeing my son reach this very important milestone in his life. After all, it's no small feat! Kiddos at this age are learning so much each and every day. You have to imagine how overwhelming that could be for them. The last thing I want to do is cause stress in his life. The way I see it, with my continued help and encouragement, I'm confident that he will catch on soon enough. He always loves sitting on his potty and that is a good thing. These younger years come and go quickly, so why not enjoy it.

Of course potty training isn't always a walk in the park. There are some good days and some well, not so cooperative days. That is a given, so while we're on this adventure why not make it fun?

Here are some ways to help everyone prepare (both parents and children) for potty training:

1)  Kids loves rewards, especially when they accomplish a special task. Some like tokens they can play with, while others prefer an edible treat. Each time your little one does his or her business in the potty, be ready to surprise him or her with a special reward. These could be stickers, small toys, a special coloring page, or a sweet (healthy) snack like their favorite whole grain crackers or cookies. My son loves raisins! In all honestly you can get really creative with this one.

2) Go out and get some some big boy or big girl underwear for your little one, even if they just wear them over their diaper in the meantime. Be sure to pick out something with a fun design that he or she will enjoy...perhaps your child's favorite animal or cartoon character.

3) Books are a great way to encourage your child to get on that potty. My son is a bookworm like his mother, so having some potty training themed reading material or even coloring books are helpful. You may even want to put some right beside their potty for when the time comes to go. Here are some that we currently own:

    3) While it's good to let your child see that mommy and daddy can go also use the "potty," sometimes it can be more relatable if they see an actual kid their age do it. If there are no siblings to show them, why not get a fun potty training themed video or cartoon. Pull the potty right up to the TV and allow them to sit on it while watching. One that I personally recommend is Once Upon a Potty for Him (there is also one for "Her"). The video might seem a little dated, but it's short, sweet, and to the point. It contains examples of both cartoon and real children going to the potty by themselves. My son gets a kick out of seeing the other kids with their potty while he is on his. There's even a catchy song that you both can sing together (caution to the parents, it will get stuck in your head).

    4) Kandoo offers a FREE downloadable Potty Training Toolkit that includes a guide, time charts, a door hanger to put on the door knob for privacy, and even a certificate to celebrate your child's potty training success!

    5) Grab a Potty Time Training Pack from Kandoo. Each pack contacts all sorts of great goodies to get your little one ready for potty training. 

    For only $20 you get all of the following:

    • Kandoo Foaming Hand Soap: It's equally important to practice sanitary bathroom habits. My son enjoys washing his hands, and would probably stay at the sink all day if I let him. This hand soap comes in a neat frog shaped bottle that kids are going to love. Since it's a foam soap, there's no heavy residue and it smell just like melons...yum! It also comes in a cool bright green color, so your child can see what their washing. (Oh and be sure to invest in a good stepping stool to help your little one reach the sink if need be). 

      • Kandoo 50-Count Tub of Wipes with 3 Jumbo Stickers: Let's face it, dry toilet paper may not always cut it, so having some wet wipes on hand to clean the messier potty moments is crucial. They're soft and unscented for sensitive skin. Allowing your child to use the stickers to decorate his or her tub let's everyone else in the house know that this is their very own special wipe container.

        • Three Kandoo 50-Count Refill Packs (150 total): Because you are going to need more than 50 wipes (trust me), there are three more 50-count packs to refill the original Kandoo tub.

        • Kandoo 42-Count Pack of Wipes: These come in a soft pack and are perfect to take on the go, because potty breaks can occur at any moment, no matter where you are. The pack is small and can fit in your purse, glove compartment, etc.

          • Super Power Cape: Kids will feel like a real hero after going to the potty, so why not give them something that shows off their amazing feat. This cool looking red fabric cape attaches with two Velcro straps, and allows them to feel like a "Super Kid!

            • It’s Potty Time–A Potty Training Story for Kids Booklet: As I mentioned above, books can offer a lot of encouragement while potty training. This is a mini booklet that shares the story of Diddit, the Kandoo Mascot, who is learning how to use the potty. Kids will relate to him, since they're also learning how to go in the potty. Diddit even reminds kids on the importance of wiping and washing their hands after going.

            • Kandoo Growth Chart: Using the potty means your child is becoming a big boy or big girl. While you track their potty training success, why not track how "big" they are getting during these moments. Watch as they go from being "Super Fresh" to "Captain Clean" as time goes on.

              • Three Free Music Downloads: Songs are a blast to sing with your little one, and studies have actually shown that they do help with memorization and even motivation. My son and I do a lot of fun activities with songs that we listen to (Walking Walking, Hop Hop Hop, If You're Happy and Your Know It, etc.). The Potty Time Training Pack from Kandoo includes three cards, each with a unique code that enables parents to download three free songs all about potty training. With tunes like The Poop Song (Potty Training Fun), how can little ones not be motivated?!

                • Kandoo Coupons: Save some money on the potty training products you need with extra coupons that are included.

                It sometimes goes without saying, kids aren't the only ones who can get discouraged about potty training. A lot of pressure falls on the parents to help their children succeed. There are going to be good days and bad, so it's nice to have somewhere to turn for advice and words of encouragement when needed. That's why Kandoo also offers free potty training resources to parents right on their website. From knowing if your child is ready, to creating a schedule that actually works, you'll find a ton of tips and tools to help you and your child succeed during potty training. What's better, you can sign up for Kandoo's newsletter to receive effective potty training hacks, a step-by-step plan of action on when to start, supplies you may need, and how to handle any ups and downs that may come along.


                So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading the many ways to make the potty training journey a little easier (and fun too!). Be sure to also check out Kandoo's website for all sorts of great advice and downloads for you and your kids. One other thing I wanted to say–as parents we all get a lot of pressure to push our children before they may be ready. While it is okay and can be helpful to listen to the experiences of other parents, be sure to remember that every child is different and will go at the pace that they are intended to. The best thing you can do is be there for them, encourage them, and love them. Oh...and don't forget to relax and enjoy the ride!