Music to My Little One's Ears with CozyPhones

We are a house of music lovers here! Whether it's an upbeat mix to get us moving or a classical piece to help us unwind, music is usually playing in my home at some point of the day. With a toddler, I also get to listen to my fair share of nursery rhymes and preschooler tunes. I honestly don't mind, because we always have tons of fun making a sing-a-long game of it. My son also enjoys dancing and grooving along to mommy's music, too.

Of course, there are times when he may want to listen to his music at the same time that I want to listen to mine, leading to a battle of the tunes. Headphones might be a good solution if he would actually wear them. I can't say that I blame him, I can imagine how intimidating they must look to a toddler. Let's face it, a lot of children are not a fan of having anything placed on their head or in their ears.

I've recently been in touch with a family/veteran owned company called Halo Acoustic Wear. They specifically specialize in headband headphones, and wouldn't you know it–they have an entire line made specifically for children called CozyPhones. 

We received the adorable "Green Froggy" CozyPhones and I must say I absolutely love it! The product is made up of soft, high-quality fleece and pretty much resembles a headband that you would normally wear in the wintertime. The fabric also stretches to accommodate different sizes.

 My son's eyes lit up when he saw his new Green Froggy CozyPhones, 
and then his following reaction was, "Ribbit!!"

Check out some of their other adorable designs (the panda is my second favorite):

Couple a cute, kid-friendly design with amazing comfort, and you have a pair of headphones that any child is going to want to wear, even the younger ones like my own son. I think that's what makes these CozyPhones stand out from other headphone products.

One of my absolute favorite aspects, besides the fact that my little one loves it, is that I can actually wash it. The headphones come out and I'm able to throw the headband right in the washing machine. Any parent can agree that this is a HUGE BONUS!

The headphone cord is made up of a flexible 1.5 meter braided cord, which I really like since it appears quite durable. I was never a fan of traditional headphone cords. From my past experience, they have a tendency to tangle and kink, which eventually leads to a cracked cord with exposed wires. Since this is a children's product, the company was smart to use something that offers more durability. At the end of the cord is a 3.5 mm stereo plug, which is a standard size that will fit into many, if not all audio devices.

Young children have extremely delicate ears, so it's important that they use something that won't cause damage to their eardrums. Since the speaker portion is actually placed inside the fleece headband, it can be adjusted to sit further back and away from their ear canal. Older children and adults can use the same concept to properly place them wherever they see fit (either over the ear or away).

Another thing to note about ear safety is that the actual speakers are not simple ear buds like I would have originally thought. Instead, they are covered in a soft layer of foam, which I can imagine also provides extra protection from volume overload. As far as sound quality, they offer a light (less bass, more treble), yet adequate sound that is perfect for young ears. I did find that they can go pretty loud if need be, but again I like that the speakers can actually be adjusted away from the ears just in case.

You may have noticed that I just mentioned the word "adults," above. That's because the company also makes a line of CozyPhones for adults, too! Oh how I would have loved to have one of these many years ago when I did a lot of traveling. If they're anything like the kid's headphones, they'd be so comfortable and easy to fall asleep with. Plus, they are less bulky than traditional headphones and can even squeeze into the tiniest luggage space. Some of them even come with a travel bag. I have yet to find the perfect headphone for myself. Regular ones always fall off or squeeze my head. I have small ears, so ear buds just refuse to stay put. I'm thinking that I may need a pair of these CozyPhones for myself!

I am all for unique children's products that actually make sense and CozyPhones is one of those products! I'm totally hoping that Halo Acoustic Wear decides to make a wireless version!

Whether you have children who find traditional headphones uncomfortable or are looking for something to appease a younger child, CozyPhones really do the job. They're pretty awesome, make a great gift, and I highly recommend them for both young and older children. (Adults, don't forget to also pick up a pair for yourself)