Go Green with Chemical Free Cleaning: e-cloth Deep Clean Mop Giveaway #Review

I like to keep a tidy ship here, so I'm always looking for the latest and greatest ways to clean up my home. I have a few favorite products I use, but also rely on a variety of natural ways to clean, including making homemade cleaners using simple household items such as vinegar, tea tree oil, and baking soda.

Last year, I was also introduced to a company called e-cloth. They make really great products that help perfect a bunch of my cleaning tasks. I personally can't be without my Glass & Polishing Cloth from them. Their entire line of products offers advanced fiber technology that produces better results than your average cleaning cloths. The polyester and polyamide composition, coupled with a specific calculation of size and density, allow their products to draw out all kinds of dirt, grease, oil, and grime (yuck!) from surfaces. This can all be accomplished simply by adding just water. As a matter of fact, the e-cloth slogan is, "Perfect cleaning with just water."

As soon as my son started crawling we had implemented a no-shoe policy in my home. Even without the risk of tracking in dirt from the bottoms of our shoes, it amazes me how dust and other particles can still get on the floor. We have a combination of hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, and carpeting in my home, and there's a lot of floor to clean! I'm not going to lie, even though I strive on keeping a clean home, floors are not my favorite thing to tackle. Sure vacuuming carpets are easy, but keeping the hard surfaces clean can be tasking. Using a bucket to mop, although sometimes necessary, isn't my favorite way to do it. I can't get the idea out of my head that I'm just spreading dirty water back and forth on my floors. I really like those popular sweeper mops, which are wonderful for quick clean ups, but when it comes to handling all of the floors in my home, I end up going through a ton of refills, which can be quite expensive. Let's not forget, that they do contain chemicals, so I have to watch when and where I use them, especially if my little one is up and walking around while I'm mopping. To be honest, I really wanted to find a more natural and cost-effective method to get the job done. Once again, e-cloth to the rescue, this time with their Deep Clean Mop!

With e-cloth's special fiber technology, the Deep Clean Mop offers the truest form of chemical-free floor cleaning by removing over 99% of bacteria (including e-coli and listeria). Of course, if you're still concerned about whether or not you're really removing bacteria, you can always add a little vinegar or tea tree oil. Either way, you are still getting an awesome natural clean on your floors!

The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop is made to clean all types of hard surface floor areas, including laminate, wood, tile, vinyl, marble, and stone:  


Now that I've got into the science of their cloth technology, let's talk a little about the other physical aspects of this product. The base of the mop is flat and made of lightweight aluminum, which is pretty durable. The depth is narrow (5.25") for ease into getting into tight areas, but the width is wide (17.5") to cover more cleaning surface. The 360 degree swivel head is pretty awesome, because you can get into difficult to reach places such as under tables, chairs, and even appliance areas. These special features allow the mop to maneuver with absolute ease no matter what type of hard surface floor you're cleaning.


The telescoping handle is also really nice, because it will accommodate a height that's comfortable to the individual user, and can be changed to reach 33 to 63 inches. There is also a rubber handle that offers more comfort while cleaning. A hole on the top of the handle allows you to hang it from a wall hook or broom/mop rack once your done.

I've found that this mop actually dries my floors a lot quicker than a regular mop, which is especially nice for our hardwoods. The bottom has Velcro to attach the mop head/cloth. It's pretty strong, so it stays on there without falling off. It also lasts longer than your average run-of-the-mill mop. After quite a few uses with a traditional mop, there will be a point when you'll either have to replace the head or the entire thing. While the e-cloth does offer replacement cloths (even compatible dry dust mop heads), I've found that the one it originally came with actually lasts. I can clean it in the sink or even in the washing machine and it comes out looking like new. It's even guaranteed for up to 300 washes–that's almost a year of use from one cloth!

I like this little e-cloth label tab. I'm honestly not sure if this is actually meant to be functional, but after rinsing out the mop head, I always use this tab to hang it to dry:

It feels good having a clean home, and it feels even better when I can keep the process as natural as possible by using the least amount of chemicals. With the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop, all I need is water and I'm good to go. This holds true for e-cloth's entire line of eco-friendly cleaning products! If you are seeking a better way to clean that doesn't involve using harsh products, I highly recommend giving e-cloth a try.

I like these products so much, I'm happy to announce that I'm also offering a great giveaway opportunity for Our Everyday Harvest readers. One lucky winner will be receiving an e-cloth Deep Clean Mop, so they can experience clean floors the green way!

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