Garden of Eden Adult Coloring Book {Beautiful Bible Scenes to Color and Inspire}

No matter where I turn these days, it seems like I'm always coming across a display of adult coloring books at the store. I originally didn't get the whole idea behind them until I acquired my very first one back in March. After that, my whole opinion changed, and now I can totally appreciate the entire concept.

I'm used to partaking in "coloring time" with my son. With a toddler, of course, this is done with his age-appropriate coloring books. I usually let him take the lead with this activity, but once in a while I get a chance to add some "happy little" shading (note the Bob Ross comment...I do miss watching his painting show). An adult coloring book is a bit more advanced than your average children's coloring book. I recently received the new Garden of Eden coloring book, which includes those fine lines and intricate details that we all expect from an adult coloring book.

God created humans in his image and likeness and put it in a garden. In the Garden of Eden Coloring Book, you will find beautiful biblical scenes for coloring, relaxation, and delight. This book, with eighty-four pages, is an invitation to use all the creative potential that God has given you to create and to escape from the stressful activities of everyday life. Unleash your imagination, relieve your stress, reflect on biblical messages and see how good it feels.

As I've discovered with coloring books like Garden of Eden, they offer a great way to wind down after a busy day. If not at the end of the day, perhaps even a moment during the little one's nap time. I can grab a cup of coffee and my color pencils to enjoy a moment to de-stress. I actually find adult coloring books very reminiscent to doodling, only the pictures are already drawn for you. With the assortment of illustrations, you can get creative with colors and make the picture unique, catering to your own personal taste.

What I like about the Garden of Eden coloring book is that it's based on Biblical accounts in Genesis and the beginning of time. Each page depicts the wonders of God's creations from plants, animals and even Adam and Eve. There are also plenty of pages that include specific scripture verses from the Bible pertaining to the story of creation.

There were a couple of pages with Adam and Eve that I didn't particularly care for. Of course we all know that they weren't clothed while in the Garden of Eden and this was a normal thing. It wasn't necessarily the lack of clothing, but more so their stance in each picture. I personally felt these two pictures were a bit too provocative for my own taste.

On the flip side, I really love that there are plenty of coloring pages full of various creatures from the animal kingdom. Being an animal lover, myself, these particular pages are my favorite. I especially enjoy the ones with marine life like this two-page spread of various fish, dolphins, and whales:

If you're seeking a new hobby to help you unwind and de-stress, then I highly recommend acquiring an adult coloring book. It has become the latest craze and for very good reasons, too. If you are particularly a fan of animals and other walks of life, and/or enjoy the story of Genesis, then you should also check out the Garden of Eden adult coloring book.