Let's Play Hockey {A Twist, Turn, and Slide Book for Toddlers and Prechoolers}

Boy, it's been pretty hot outside this week! I'm not going to lie, I still prefer the warmer weather over the freezing cold. Of course, we still need to keep cool during these hot and humid days. This week we've been finding some relief by running the a/c and reading our newest book, Let's Play Hockey.

Set against a beautiful snowy backdrop, three children learn to play ice hockey on a frozen outdoor rink. Pull the tab to see a little boy change into his kit, then watch as he and his friends turn from wobbly beginners into match winners! With magical illustrations, humorous rhyming text and clever mechanisms throughout, this is an ideal first book for all aspiring little hockey players.

My husband is such a fan of hockey. It's pretty much his favorite sport. He often talks about putting our son in a Pee Wee league when he gets older. Needless to say, I would prefer something more along the lines of baseball or basketball. I guess we'll let the little man decide on what he wants to play (or if he even wants to play sports) when the time comes. For now, he can play with his toy hockey sticks and read books about the sport.

Let's Play Hockey is a short and sweet board book that adds a little extra interactive fun for the kiddos. It's actually a Twist, Turn, and Slide book. Throughout the pages and even on the cover, children will find that they can influence the story by turning wheels and sliding various tabs at the edge of every other page. In doing so, they can help players pass hockey pucks to each other and even score goals! My son enjoys pulling out the various tabs to reveal cheering crowds and kids swinging their hockey sticks.

The text in this book is written in simple to read rhyming prose, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The story follows several children as they share their joy for playing hockey. The graphics done by Yu-hsuan Huang are charming with each page containing tons of colorful details and adorable children as they delight in the game. 

Let's Play Hockey is a nice way to introduce little ones to the sport. Even if they aren't aspiring hockey players, they'll still enjoy having a part to play in the story's outcome with the help of twisting, turning, and sliding mechanisms included throughout.