The Lion Picture Puzzle Bible by Peter Martin {A Search and Find Book}

It's no secret–we are a family of book lovers. My son and I spend a lot time each day reading. We also like to add a little extra fun in the mix by incorporating an activity into our reading time. One of my son's favorite activities to do while we read is to point out various people, animals, or objects in the story. Sometimes we'll read a story about Noah's Ark, and I'll ask him to show mommy where the horses or lions are. He'll then eagerly point to the illustrations to show me exactly where they are. We can pretty much do this with any book he has that includes pictures. What's better is that there are actual "search and find"  books on the market that specifically cater to this type of activity. We've recently acquired a book just like this called The Lion Picture Puzzle Bible by Peter Martin.

A fabulously fun search and find book using scenes from favorite Bible stories
Are you a super sleuth? Have you got an eagle eye? This book is a treasure trove of wonderfully detailed pictures from the world of the Bible. You will have hours of fun trying to find people and objects from ancient times. As you exercise your brain solving the puzzles, you will also become a real expert on the fascinating setting of some of the Bible's greatest stories. Watch out for the wily fox. He's hiding somewhere on every page.

Peter Martin has developed a wide knowledge of Biblical history during his many years working in religious education. His years as a parent as well as a teacher make him able to bring his expertise in this field within reach of young readers. He acted as an advisor on The Bible in Its Time, also from Lion Children's Books.

Does anyone remember those Where's Waldo puzzles? I can tell you that The Lion Picture Puzzle Bible is very reminiscent of those. The neat part is your not only searching for one main character, but various people, animals, and items that are part of an actual tale right from the Bible. The book includes twelve different scenes that represent a story from the Bible and a key at the bottom that challenges children to spot things on each page.

I say the word "challenge," because illustrator, Len Epstein, did an amazing job at creating extremely detailed illustrations with tons of things going on in each scene. Of course that's where all the fun begins. The more complex the pictures, the harder it is to find those objects, making it an engaging game of detective. There's even a few answer pages in the back just in case kids get stuck on a puzzle.

One of the things I like about this book that sets it apart from similar ones on the market is that it also offers a condensed text version of those twelve Bible stories. Even though they're short and sweet paragraphs, children will still gain full understanding of what each story is about. I like to think of it as a mini Bible study lesson coupled with a cool visual activity. Kids can read what the stories are about and actually view fun (and sometimes silly) cartoon versions of them.

The Lion Picture Puzzle Bible is a blast to read with my son. He enjoys listening to me read the summarized Bible stories as he searches for the various items throughout. I think it's safe to say that as an adult, I found this book equally entertaining. While it's obvious that it's a children's book, I personally think people young and old will enjoy it just the same.