Learning Science is a Blast with Rock 'N Learn {Science DVD Collection GIVEAWAY}

As a mom who is considering homeschooling, I often find myself trying to get a head start on researching the best curriculums and learning tools. I recently came across a company called Rock 'N Learn. In a nutshell, they make educational DVDs for children that include learning through music and captivating animation. The collection of learning programs offered by Rock 'N Learn is pretty extensive with subjects ranging from reading to math, covering multiple learning levels from preschool through eighth grade.

I also received the opportunity to get a firsthand look at what Rock 'N Learn had to offer by checking our their Science DVD Collection. To give you a little background, science is one subject that I've always been a fan of, since it's quite complex and there's so much to learn. It's an intricate part of our everyday lives in some shape or form, from our health to physics to the weather.

Award winning actor Vic Mignogna gives a voice to Marko the Pencil, who whisks learners away to his Super Science Station for an unforgettable adventure in learning. Special bonus sections present material as it might be found on a science test. And with Marko's test-taking tips, students are sure to improve on standardized tests.

This set includes four DVDs and covers several major areas in the subject

Life Science:
  • Plants and Photosynthesis
  • Parts of a Plant
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly
  • Groups of Animals and Animal Characteristics
  • Plant and Animal Cells
  • Food Chains & Food Webs
  • Ecosystems
  • Genetic Traits and Adaptations

Earth Science:
  • The Solar System
  • How Earth's Orbit Causes the Seasons
  • The Water Cycle
  • What Causes Weather?
  • Sedimentary Rocks and Fossils
  • Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
  • Color, Luster, Hardness, and Streak
  • Topography and Volcanoes
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Energy and Resources
  • Alternative Energy and Conservation

Human Body:
  • Skeletal System
  • Nervous System
  • Muscular System
  • Circulatory System
  • Urinary System
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Five Senses

Physical Science:
  • Lab Safety – Get ready for an experiment!
  • Learn the Scientific Method
  • Atoms and Their Parts
  • Molecules and States of Matter
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Mixtures Versus Pure Substances
  • What is Electricity?
  • Understanding Magnetism
  • Motion and Gravity
  • Light and Energy

Each lesson takes even the most difficult science topics and breaks them down into easy to grasp concepts that young children will better understand. Some of the elements in the DVDs might seem kind of cheesy to a teen or adult, but through the eyes of a child, they really do serve a purpose. A collective series of songs, animation, and graphics are used in each DVD to help captivate a young audience, providing them with a pleasant and fun educational experience that will actually make them more likely to remember what they've learned. So even if your child was never a fan of science, these DVDs could possibly make him or her have a change of heart.

The DVD's include up-to-date information, 
including the above tip on remembering our eight planet solar system.

Each program runs anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, which I think is completely appropriate. It allows enough time to get in important scientific basics without going overboard on your child's screen time. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how much information is provided in each video. Every topic that is discussed involves a main point in the subject of science that every child will need to learn during some point in their life. I also appreciate that each DVD contains a special bonus section to help children score higher on their standardized tests. This is also ideal for kids who may already be familiar with the subject, but still need to brush up on their studies and test taking skills. In fact, these DVDs meet the National Science Education Standards (NSES). There is also a supplemental website that parents can visit to download and print study materials to accompany each program, including practice tests.


If that doesn't get you excited, how about the fact that the DVDs in this collection have won tons of awards, including (but not limited to):

  • iParenting Media Award
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
  • Kids First! Endorsement
  • Creative Child Magazine, DVD of the Year

Whether your children are homeschooled or attending a traditional school, there may come a time when they'll need some additional guidance on a particular subject. Of course as parents, we are always there to help them, but even our own minds can get a little fuzzy on specific details that were taught to us when we were children. Having supplemental learning materials such as videos can actually come in handy and even help spice up a lesson.

I know science is a subject that my son and I are going to have a lot of fun with, since there's so much to explore and take in. After watching these Rock 'N Learn DVDs, I'm confident that they're going to be a valuable resource to accompany our hands-on learning throughout my son's educational years.

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Even better news, I'm happy to also offer a giveaway! One Our Everyday Harvest reader will win their own Rock 'N Learn Science Collection Set that includes all four of the DVD's mentioned above (Life Science, Human Body, Physical Science, and Earth Science)! To enter the giveaway, be sure to follow the Rafflecopter prompts, below. 

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